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Bun Pan Trucks and Dollies

Bun Pan Trucks and Dollies

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Bun Pan Trucks and Dollies

Transport the bun pans to its destination fast and safely using the right-sized dolly cart

Save time and effort, the mobile carts are the smart solution to safely deliver large and heavy batches of bun pans to its destination! We have a huge selection of moving carts that are heavily welded with different types of commercial-grade metals and plastic. Both boast impressive resistance to rust and longevity. The plastic mobile carts are finished with a variety of colors for added attractive appeal. They are also furnished with either one or two stacks. The commercial dollies and pan trucks are two of the best transport equipment built for bun pans. The bun pan dollies are built with a strong base and flexible set of casters. The base is formed with a rectangular shape and can carry hundreds of pans per stack.

The casters are also made heavy-duty to ensure they can support the combined weight of the load and bun pan dolly. The casters can effortlessly run on uneven floor surfaces or maneuver on tight spaces because they are made with impressive unobstructed maneuverability. Operating a fully loaded dolly cart fast can leave permanent damage on the floor surface. For this reason, we supply a wide range of casters with a non-skid feature. With the dolly carts’ compact and handle-less design, they are perfect to use for transporting bun pans within the establishment.

The bun pan trucks share the same base construction as with the dollies. To complete the construction, the base is welded with a strong and sanitary frame. The frame features either a straight or curved design. Both provide a comfortable grip and easy maneuvering. Their only difference is the straight-designed frame comes with a reinforced handle. With the frame’s stability and sturdiness, the potential of back-related injuries to staff is effectively reduced. Just like with any other commercial mobile cart, the bun pan trucks and dollies are prone to accidental bumping. Get the transport carts with a bumper to protect them from damages.

All the features included on the bun pan trucks and dollies vary on the brand. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection!