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Bun Pan Rack Parts and Accessories

Bun Pan Rack Parts and Accessories

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Bun Pan Rack Parts and Accessories

Replace the damaged parts of the pan racks only with their compatible parts

A bun pan rack is undeniably a smart storage solution for high-volume operations. Maximize its full potential by adding the proper parts and accessories! As standard, the bun pan racks are robustly constructed with a frame, several tiers of pan holders, and a set of casters. Sufficient spacing is provided between the frame and each pan holder. This is to ensure the bun pans will perfectly fit in. The exact size of the bun pan it can accept vary on its size. But no matter what the size is needed; we can deliver it all! We carry a large selection of quarter, half, and full-sized bun pans.

The bun pan racks are assured to resist the daily tear and wear. But this is not the same case for the walls and doors. Accidentally bumping onto them may leave permanent damage. Protect them by equipping the metal pan racks with a set of corner bumpers. The corner bumpers we supply are easy to install. Place them securely on the bottom corners of the storage rack and it will be prevented from scratching any surfaces it may accidentally bump into.

Damages are inevitable. Don't let it slow down the operation, replace it immediately with its proper replacement part. Casters are one of the bun pan rack’s parts that may acquire the most damage. No need to worry because we carry all the compatible casters for each brand model. Most of the replacement parts we supply are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to help protect the warranty of the bun pan rack.

These are only a few of the parts and accessories available for the pan racks. Check our catalog now to see the complete selection!