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Bun Pan Rack Cover

Bun Pan Rack Cover

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Bun Pan Rack Covers

Secure the bread products on the open bun pan rack using a crystal-clear rack cover

Warm and dry air can make the bread dry and stale. Protect them using a safe and sturdy bun pan rack cover! We carry a wide range of full-length rack covers that comes in a variety of styles. The basic bun pan rack cover is durably made from thick plastic. With the plastic’s elasticity, it can easily slip on and off the rack and neatly fold them for safe storing. For a secure seal and easy access, three reinforced zippers are included. It features a transparent design for clear visibility. Another style available is the woven bun pan rack. The structure is the same as the thick plastic rack covers, but this one is made from high-quality vinyl. It is finished with a combination of transparent and white color.

Keeping the bread products hot is now possible! A few of the bun pan rack covers we carry include an insulation feature. This is built in between the two layers of vinyl-coated fabric. It comes in different colors to add a stunning appeal. All the materials and features included on each bun pan rack cover may vary on the brand. Check our catalog now to see our entire collection of pan rack covers!