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Bud Vases and Accent Vases

Bud Vases and Accent Vases

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Accent Vases and Bud Vases

Pop some colors on the dining table with an elegant accent vase

Flowers have a unique way to increase people’s feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Beautifully arrange them and place them on a creatively formed bud vase. We carry a wide range of accent vases and bud vases. They are formed in a variety of shapes to ensure they can support the needs of different flower arrangements. The bottleneck vases are perfect for holding groups of blossoms with thin stems. With the vase’s narrow neck, it prevents the flower’s branches from falling to one side. The cube and cylindrical-shaped vases are the versatile types of accent vase and bud vase. Their functions vary in their sizes. The narrow and tall centerpiece vases are ideal for long-stemmed flowers. While the wider vase is perfect for filling large groups of flowers.

Glass bud vases are one of the favorites because of their clear visibility. They promote elegance and versatility. For wider table vases, they can also highlight other accent pieces like fruits. If the establishment is family-friendly, our beautiful plastic bud vases and accent vases are the best type to get. Just like with glass, the plastic vases flaunt crystal-clear visibility. But it boasts a stronger resistance to breaks. The plastic bud vases come in a variety of colors. To know more about our wonderful offers, browse our catalog now!