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Buckets, Pails, and Jugs

Buckets, Pails, and Jugs

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Cleaning Buckets, Pails, and Jugs

Keep the water and cleaning solutions close at hand with our heavy-duty utility jugs

Conduct quick yet thorough cleanings at the end of each workday with the help of our ergonomic buckets, pails, and jugs! Due to the ever-growing concern over public health and safety, there has been a worldwide surge in the demand for protective equipment, sanitizing products, and industrial cleaning supplies. We offer a wide range of utility buckets, pails, and jugs to ensure that establishments will never run out of basic tools to fight this crisis. These heavy-duty containers can keep cleaning solutions, sanitizing chemicals, or warm soapy water readily available throughout the day. They may feature a simple design but be assured they are highly useful and will help employees to get the job done with ease and right.

Made of non-toxic plastics, durable metals, or other sanitary materials, our cleaning buckets, pails, and jugs help lower utility costs associated with constant supply replacement. Each utility bucket or utility pail features a sturdy handle for comfortable, trouble-free carrying. While the utility jug comes with an easy-pour mouth and a simple handle to ensure optimal control while pouring strong cleaning agents or chemicals. Some buckets and pails may be provided with secure, airtight covers, while the jugs can be fitted with spouts, spray nozzles, and other accessories for added efficiency. Available in various styles, sizes, capacities, and colors, these commercial and industrial cleaning supplies provide maximum convenience and keep the risk of contamination extremely low.

Browse our catalog now and provide a safe, hygienic area for both customers and employees with our quality cleaning tools and supplies!