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Broom & Mop Racks / Hangers & Closet Organizers

Broom & Mop Racks / Hangers & Closet Organizers

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Mop and Broom Hangers/Racks

Maintain the orderliness of the storage unit with space-efficient mop and broom racks

Maximize the space of the utility room with sturdy mop and broom holders! Adding a smart storage system is an effective way to strengthen the safety and sanitation of the kitchen. Taking space into great consideration, we offer the mop and broom hangers and racks. They are the ultimate choice because they are designed for wall mounting. This efficiently keeps all the janitorial supplies and tools out of the floor and the staff’s way.

The materials used for the racks and hangers vary on the brand. But usually, they have a stainless-steel, high-grade plastics, or a combination of heavy-gauge chrome and steel construction for long-lasting durability. They are formed in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure they can fit all sizes of storage closets. They also come in a variety of colors to complete their decorative appearance.

The mops and brooms are unlikely to fall off because the grippers on the wall-mounted racks are designed with a firm grip. The grippers are mostly made of rubber, a flexible material that is assured not to cause any damages to the mop or broom’s handles. No matter how often the tools are snapped in and out of the racks, they will retain their good condition. For non-rubber grippers, they are furnished with an anti-slip feature.

Hooks are often included to hold other smaller janitorial tools and clothes such as uniforms and kitchen aprons. There are more styles available for the mop and broom hangers and racks. Check out our catalog now to see them all!