Edlund has over 90 years of experience as an innovative manufacturer of kitchen products. The company is a member of the Ali Group and offers a vast assortment of Edlund can openers, Edlund knife sharpeners, and Edlund scales, which have won best in class 11 times. 

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    EdlundBRV-160 Bravo Scale

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    Edlund 4412HDL/72 Tong [Case]

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    Edlund 4409HD/72 Tong [Case]

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    Edlund U-12S Can Opener

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    Edlund 4412HD/72 Tong [Case]

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    Edlund SG-2L Can Opener

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    Edlund G-2SL Can Opener

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    EdlundARC XL-125 ARC XL Fruit and Vegetable Slicer

    This Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Edlund 4416HD/72 Tong [Case]

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