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Box / Bag Cutters

Box / Bag Cutters

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Bag and Box Cutter

Unpack quickly and safely using our dependable box cutters

Never risk the safety of the staff! Equip the operation with a durably constructed bag and box cutter. Accidents are inevitable. No matter how small the task is, it can pose a risk to the staff. Ensure to keep them protected by equipping the necessary security and safety products. We offer a large selection of quality safety products that are designed for comfortable use. They are made heavy-duty to ensure they can support the everyday high-volume needs of the operation. Work fast and efficiently, these products can boost the productivity of the staff and perform each task right the first time.

Bag or box cutters are one of the essential safety equipment to add in the workplace. This is a versatile tool to use for various applications. Its standard function is to unpack or unseal boxes. But with the continuous improvements the manufacturers are adding to the box cutter, they are now convenient to use for making precision cuts and stripping different types of materials. Most of the box cutter we offer feature a retractable function. In one smooth sliding action, the staff can conveniently shorten the exposed blade or fully retract it after each use.

Keep the workplace safe at all times! View our catalog now and get the best security and safety products that are tailored-fit to the operation needs.