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Bowl and Bench Scraper

Bowl and Bench Scraper

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Bowl and Bench Scrapers

Use a food-grade bowl scraper to eliminate expensive food waste

Save time and money, the bowl and bench scrapers are the smart solutions for fast and efficient cleaning of smallwares and work surfaces! We have a large selection of kitchen scrapers where each displays a unique size and shape. The bowl scraper is the commonly-owned food scraper in the commercial kitchen. It has a handle-free plastic construction that is formed in a variety of designs. With the material’s natural flexibility, combined with curved edges, it can fully scrape even the stickiest food mix and maintain the bowl scratch-free. The bowl scraper with straight edges is the ideal type to use for worktables and counters.

The bench scraper is the best type of kitchen scraper to use in baking preparation. The standard design available has a rectangular-shaped, flat blade with a comfortable handle on top. The blade is mostly built of high stainless-steel grade for long-lasting durability and expertly forms it in different styles. But it is also available in a plastic form which is the ideal type to use for complete removal of food. While the handle is mostly built using rubber, nylon, or plastic.

Scraping sticky food on the counter and cutting boards is assured to deliver quickly and efficiently. But with the blade’s robustness, it also makes it ideal to use for various applications. For the standard bench scraper, it is reliable in smashing ingredients. But the bench scraper with thin and deeply beveled edges are ideal to use in dividing doughs into proportional pieces. Explore all the wonderful styles and features of the bowl scraper and bench scraper in our catalog now!