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Bottle & Beverage Equipment Cleaning Brushes

Bottle & Beverage Equipment Cleaning Brushes

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Beverage Equipment and Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Clean the hard-to-reach surfaces with a versatile bottle brush

Keep all the beverage bottles and equipment sparkling clean using the best cleaning brushes! A clean and sanitize beverage bottles is essential to prevent bacteria to grow in it. Get all the cleaning tools and supplies needed here! We carry a large selection of cleaning brushes dedicated for each size and shape of bottles and beverage equipment. All cleaning brushes are constructed with a glass-friendly bristle brush and long handle.

The brush’s bristles are made of commercial-grade materials such as nylon, polyester, foam, and metal. The first three materials are lightweight and formed in a variety of sizes and shapes. With their natural flexibility, they are great to use for cleaning the tight areas of the bottle without scratching or damaging the surfaces. The metal bristle may not be the usual choice, but they are handy to use for the heavier type of scrubbing applications. All the bristles of the cleaning brushes are designed impenetrable. Be assured it won’t store any dirt in between the bristles.

The cleaning brush is built with a long handle to easily maneuver it inside the bottle. No matter what the depth of the bottle is, the brush is assured to reach the bottom. On the other end of the handle, a hanging hole is made for easy storing. Browse our catalog now to see our entire collections of beverage equipment and bottle cleaning brushes.