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Booster Seat

Booster Seat

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Best Booster Seats

Provide comfortable and safe seating for the child guests using commercial-grade booster seats

Comfort is essential for guests to have a wonderful dining experience. The booster seats are the recommended furniture choice for the youngest guests! Children are playful by nature. For this reason, we carry only the best booster seats that feature two security belts. The first belt is used to secure the seat on the regular-sized chair, while the other is dedicated for the child. Both of these belts are designed adjustable to maintain the comfort level. For added safety, the booster seats are constructed with smooth surfaces and rounded corners.

Functional and durable, the booster seats we supply are made of high-quality materials such as high-grade plastics and wood. The plastic booster seat is the commonly owned seating option for restaurants because they are space-efficient. They are intentionally made stackable for convenient storing. They also come in a variety of colors for a decorative finish. No matter the occasion is, they will surely blend in perfectly. For ease of cleaning, we also carry booster seaters that are safe to wash in the dishwasher.

The wooden booster seats are the eco-friendly seating option for casual to upscale dining set-up. They are made of solid wood for durability and polished either with a light or dark finish. With the wood’s natural texture, scratches and other types of damages are easily concealed. Child safety is our top priority! Browse our catalog now to see our entire collections of booster seats and other restaurant furniture.