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Booster Heater

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Booster Heaters

Sanitize the dishware the right way with a high-performing water booster heater

Eliminate all harmful microorganisms on the dishware with the help of the booster heater! Sanitization is highly essential in keeping the dishware sparkling clean and germ-free. The water booster heater can consistently deliver this by helping the commercial dishwashers achieve the correct temperature for the rinsing water. There are several types available in our catalog and their primary differences focus on their usage restriction and power type. This special type of water heater is engineered for light, medium, or heavy-duty use. The light-duty booster heater features a compact body with 3.2 gallons of tank capacity, approximately. Its space-saving design makes it easy to fit on any floor space. This is advantageous for operations with low-volume sanitizing needs. The medium-duty model is also built with a space-efficient unit. Its only advantage is, it has a bigger tank capacity.

For high-volume operations, the heavy-duty booster heater is the most reliable to use. We carry two model units for this type of water heater – tank and tankless. The tankless operation requires a direct connection to a hot water tap. Once it is turned ON, the water will continuously run through the pipe into the unit. This is more dependable and has less maintenance required. This is usually paired with flight or conveyor-type dishwashers. For guaranteed safe and seamless operation, all our booster heaters are fully equipped with modern technologies. They can also operate in electric, gas, or steam.

The electric water booster heater is commonly-owned because it is easy to install and doesn’t require any special venting requirements. Mineral deposits can lead to frequent maintenance. This is one advantage of the gas-operated units, they can never attract these deposits into the tank walls and fittings because they don’t have heating elements. The gas booster heater can operate in natural gas or liquid propane. The steam booster heater may not be the most cost-efficient option, but it is worth the investment particularly when connected to the central boiler. To know all the incredible features included on each booster heater, visit our catalog now!