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Bone China Plates

Bone China Plates

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Bone China Plates

Set a top-notch table setting design with our classic and professional bone china dinner plates

Casual or formal dining setting, our wide selection of bone china plates assures to smoothly complement both environments! The presentation of the dining table has an impact on the customer’s satisfaction and overall dining experience. Make it memorable by finishing each table setting design with our elegant pieces of bone china plates. This piece of china dinnerware features a flat, concave surface with plain or embossed rims. They typically finished with a translucent to white powdery color. This may look basic, but the chef loves it simply because they can be served as a blank canvass to their signature creations. Other colors and designs available displays a more contemporary appearance. The colors added may range from solid to vibrant colors while the shapes are geometric and free form. Also, each of the bone china plates is built with unique sizes to determine their function.

Serve fresh fruits or varied types of cheeses using our bone china appetizer plates. As a standard design, this plate features a flat surface with a curvy tip and has a size between four to nine inches. Another smaller type of bone china plates we carry is the dessert plate. Since the material can resist various temperatures, it can beautifully serve both hot and cold type of dessert. Its size range is similar to the bone china appetizer plates. The dining table wouldn’t be completed without a dinner plate. The average diameter it features is between 11 to 12 inches. But we offer our bone china plates starting at 10-1/2 inches. Serve the delectable main course meal on its silky-smooth body with a unique rim style.

Attractive and durable, all these dining plates are robustly made of bone china. This material is a combination of bone ash and porcelain to assure it will possess a stronger physical strength to withstand daily tear and wear. After several firing processes, each piece will display a thinner and lighter body. Other brands we carry also feature a vitrification and glazing process for added durability. The vitrification process is focused on creating bacteria and crazing resistant surface for the bone china plates. While the glazing process creates a protective barrier to avoid crazing and chipping. This material is also heat-friendly, making them safe to use in the microwave, oven, and/or dishwasher.

There are more features included per bone china plate. Discover it all by browsing our catalog now!