What Time is Brunch and How to Successfully Create a Brunch Menu

Oct 11th 2022 - Monica Cunanan

What Time is Brunch and How to Successfully Create a Brunch Menu

Brunch has become popular among all kinds of restaurants, and savvy restaurateurs are looking into ways to capitalize on the trend. A successful brunch usually depends on other factors than the ones that create successful restaurants. Brunches are usually held at leisurely times when there’s plenty of space for people to mingle and socialize.

What Time is Brunch

Brunch usually takes place between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. There are some rules regarding when brunch times occur. Breakfast is usually eaten between 7 am - 10 am and lunch around between 12 noon and 2 pm. Brunch is basically a midday meal combining breakfast and lunch and many patrons usually enjoy these whimsical times on Saturdays or Sundays.

Although some cultures may differ in timing, many are Brunch has become more than a meal. It's a time for laughter and a social event that brings groups of friends and family together. This is because they might have been drinking a pitcher of mimos­as or having a Bloody Mary the night before. A classic brunch definitely sounds good after a night out. Typically, classic egg dishes, orange juice, and crispy potatoes.

Types of Foods Served At Brunch

There are lots of different types of breakfasts available at brunch time because it's usually the first thing people eat after waking up.

Brunch menu items include various egg dishes, pancake recipes, and waffle recipes. One of the best-known brunch dishes is Eggs Benedict. Pastry and savory pies include quiche, croissants, and sandwiches.


The word brunch is the combination of the words breakfast and lunch, known as a portmanteau. It was first used in Britain in the late 1800s, in the publication, ‘Hunter’s Weekly’ by Guy Beringer in 1895. After church, Beringer felt exhausted and wanted something light for lunch.

Brunch has grown into such a huge phenomenon that dishes have even been created specifically for this meal time. Brunch has become a popular meal in recent years, but it has actually been a part of English cuisine for quite some time.

It was first introduced in the United States in the early 20th century and has become popular in many other countries since then.

Brunch was popularized in America during the 1930s when actors made their way across the United States by train. They would often visit Chicago during these publicity tours for their forthcoming movies. They would usually rise late in the morning for brunch, hence, it became an especially interesting selling point.

The city of New Orleans, a major culinary destination, uses the brunch concept to create a big easy atmosphere, and restaurants everywhere follow its relaxed style of serving brunches. Creating an atmosphere that is relaxing, however, can be challenging work for a restaurant‘s staff.

People are willing to pay more for leisurely meals during weekends, holiday periods, and special occasions. Brunch has been used to describe a hangover meal ever since it was first invented in Britain in 1895. Brunch has now promoted cheerfulness, social interaction, and leisurely dining.

How to Create a Successful Brunch Menu at Your Restaurant

Planning a Popular Restaurant Brunch

Lunchtime brunches usually offer more breakfast dishes than lunch options, but buffet luncheons may be accompanied by large roasts, smoked salmon, soupy stews, and salads. Ethnic brunches are becoming popular venues for people to try out new foods and listen to live entertainment from different cultures or countries. When choosing the right type of brunch at a restaurant, you need to consider some important logistical decisions.

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When is the right time to serve Brunch?

It's not unusual to eat out on weekdays. However, most people tend to reserve them for the weekends. Many sleep in a little bit and meet up with some of their close friends for breakfast on the weekend.

Brunch will usually be held at restaurants during those standard brunch times. Brandy is usually served at breakfast, especially mimosas or Bloody Marys, but juices and coffee or tea are also served.

Tips for Successful Brunch

  • What Type of Foods to Serve: Even if it’s an innovation, there are certain dishes that cannot be missed from your brunch menus. Eggs Benedict, smoked trout sandwiches, chicken salad, and French toast. These are some of the dishes that your clients will expect to see at your restaurant. Don't forget the fruits. Even though people at brunch aren't thinking about their diet, having them on the restaurant's menus is important. You can present them separately or include them in the recipes.
  • Serve Classic Egg Dishes: It doesn't really matter whether you poach, fry, or boil them, they're always going to be the best allies when making a brunch menu. Combining it with toast is an all-in wager. Give your customers the choice of eating it any way they want. Furthermore, the bread will be the ideal partner for you because you can also present it differently, in different shapes, modes, and flavors, and will combine with sour or sweet tastes. Make sure there are plenty of gluten-free options available and add more choices for your clientele.

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  • Diversify Your Menu: After looking at some brunch recipes for creating menus, maybe you want to go beyond that and get inspired by other countries. Don’t hesitate to do it. Add some international recipes to your menus and let your guests travel through your dishes. Make some tacos and add them to the menu. You could also serve Croque Monsieur sandwiches and turn them into the classic French style.