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Beverage Dispenser Hand Washing Stations

Beverage Dispenser Hand Washing Stations

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Beverage Dispensers Hand Washing Stations

Equip the beverage station with portable hand washing stations to protect the staff and guests from disease-causing bacteria

In light of the current situation, practicing proper handwashing is a must! Fortunately for foodservice operations, adding a reliable hand washing station becomes simple. We offer a wide range of commercially-approved attachments that can easily transform any commercial equipment into a portable hand washing station. Our attachment selections are designed specifically for beverage dispensers. They come in different configurations to assure they can fit their compatible beverage dispensing machines. In terms of installation, all these attachments are designed for easy set-up and use. The beverage dispenser hand washing station often features a sanitary container and faucet assembly. For superior durability, high-density plastic becomes the popular material choice for these attachments. This material is virtually indestructible, corrosion-resistant, can withstand various low and high temperatures, and safe to use.

Polyethylene is one type of plastic commonly used in manufacturing commercial bottles and containers with large structures. Their strong physical properties allow the beverage dispenser hand washing station to resist impact. Accidental drops or falls, rest assured that they won’t easily deform or break. Though polyethylene is a type of plastic, it is still considered environmentally-friendly. Durable and functional, this material provides the container of the hand washing station a clear color. This is advantageous to easily determine if the container needs a refill. Polypropylene is another type of plastic used for the container. Compared to polyethylene, this material is much lighter and offers more rigidity and chemical resistance. It also provides the container a translucent color.

The traditional design available for the container of the handwashing station features a large bucket shape with clear measurement markings. It has a comfortable handle for easy transport and a spill-proof faucet. But as the years pass, more modern designs are offered. Now, these handwashing station attachments can have an insulated interior for the container, a dispenser for soaps or towels, and a lever-operated faucet. Other features included are determined by the brand.

Promoting the optimal hygiene standards for the staff and guests has never been this easy to implement! Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection of beverage dispenser hand washing stations.