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Basters and Injectors

Basters and Injectors

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Basters and Injectors

Cook perfectly roasted or grilled meats with the help of our reliable kitchen basters

Our collection of basters and flavor injectors are the best kitchen tool to add for high-temperature cooking! No one can resist a beautifully done meat or poultry dish, flavor and moist intact and golden-brown on the outside. Achieve this great result every time with the help of our cooking basters. The baster is the go-to kitchen tool for high-temperature cooking applications. They are exclusively designed to continuously coat the food with their juices to ensure they won’t dry out throughout the entire cooking process. The standard cooking basters are built with a squeeze bulb and a tube. Both are made of high-quality and food-grade materials for guaranteed safe to use. From the name itself, the squeeze bulb’s purpose is to provide powerful suction for quick and effortless sipping of the meat or poultry’s flavorful juices from the pan. Upon suction, squeeze the bulb again to release its content.

The comfortable squeezing of the baster’s bulb comes from the silicone material used for its construction. Apart from its impressive elasticity, this material also provides exceptional durability, easy to clean, and non-toxic. Expose it to high-temperature and it assures not to get deform or leach toxic chemicals into the food. A few of the squeeze bulbs we offer also feature a safe grip. This will help the kitchen staff and chef to maintain their hands at a safe distance from the heat while securing a firm grasp. The baster’s tube can be made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Stainless steel is the most indestructible and heat-resistant amongst the materials. They can approximately withstand 500°F or more.

Clarity is the advantage of glass. It may have a delicate look but be assured it can reliably withstand high temperature. Most of the brands we carry further improved the glass baster’s durability by using tempered glass material. For added convenience and precise measuring, it includes easy to read measurement markings. For operations that prefer the transparency of the glass but not its fragility, the plastic baster is ideal to get! Nylon is the standard type of plastic used. The flavor is another element of the meat and poultry that can dry out when exposed to high temperatures. But don’t worry, this can easily infuse back using our reliable flavor injector. It is built with a plunger, barrel, and needle.

The materials used for the flavor injector’s construction is similar to the basters. Except for the needle as they are made with heavy-gauge stainless steel. Getting the size of the needles is important as this determines the thickness of juices or sauce it can suck. All the cooking basters and flavor injectors also come in different sizes and capacities. Get to know more about our offerings by browsing our catalog now!