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Bartender Kits

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Bartender Kits

Get creative in preparing the cocktail ingredients using only our mixology bartender kit

Using the proper set of bar tools and supplies is vital to the success of food preparation and safety. Get the correct kits for the job here at Culinary Depot! Purchasing bartending kits is convenient and time-saver. Not to mention, it can save tons of money and effort from buying individual pieces of bar tools that do not even suit the operation’s needs. Don't look elsewhere because we offer a broad range of bartending kits that are expertly designed for specific functions. Creating the most attractive, aromatic, and flavorful drinks always start with the preparation of the ingredients. We offer the bartender kits that come with a durable and sanitary cutting board and paring knife. They are usually color-coordinated for an added decorative touch. Other brands we supply added the color to prevent the potential of cross-contamination.

All the bar tools and utensils, except for the knife’s blade, included on this bartending kit can be made of commercial-grade plastic. This is a non-porous material that is impervious to liquids. Rest assured that it can strongly resist staining and bacteria buildup. Thanks to the material’s natural smooth surface, cleaning the bar-sized cutting board become simple. It also has a soft texture which helps the paring knife to retain its sharpness and great condition. It is fashioned with a cut-out or creatively molded handle for safe and effortless carry. The paring knife, on the other hand, is the preferred choice due to its impressive versatility to cut and peel different bar ingredients. As standard, its blade is made of stainless steel and features a thin blade with a straight edge. This bartending kit is completed with a fruit squeezer.

Our mixology bartender kit is the ultimate choice for crafting the guest’s favorite cocktails. The number of bar tools and utensils included in this kit are designed according to the bartender’s skill level. They can contain a total of 4 to 19 pieces of prep tools and utensils. As standard, the mixology bartender kit includes a half- and full-size cocktail shaker for sanitary mixing of liquid and solid ingredients, an hourglass-shaped jigger for precise portion control, and a stirring spoon. A strainer is also included to easily filter any unwanted solid particles. For highly-skilled professionals, more bar tools and utensils are added to this bartender kit that assure to make the preparation and mixing tasks much efficient.

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