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Bar Mats and Shelf Liner

Bar Mats and Shelf Liner

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Commercial Bar Mats & Shelf Liners

Place a skid-resistant bar mat on the bar's surfaces to protect the barware from chipping

Get the best shelf liners to keep the bar station safe and sanitary! Spillages are inevitable in the bar station. Make it easier to clean by installing shelf liners and bar mats. These bartending supplies act as a protective barrier to prevent the glassware and workspace from damaging. The bar mat is specifically designed to create a safe and sanitize draining and storing environment for the glassware. They can deliver this because they are constructed with a superb airflow and drainage design.

Most of the bar mats we offer are furnished with small pegs on the underside to prevent the glassware from touching the bar’s surface. These pegs are skid resistant; therefore, it won’t leave permanent markings when placed on the countertop. With the bar mat’s design and sturdy construction, it sure to serve the bar station for a long time. The bar mats are available in various shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. The materials used also boasts flexibility. They guarantee to cover all types of surfaces, even the areas with odd sizes.

The bar shelf liner, on the other hand, is the smart solution to protect the bar surfaces from water-damages and staining. This is made from high-quality material sheets that mostly features a waterproof, stain-proof, and non-slip surface. The shelf liners we carry are highly flexible, making them easy to install and remove. Add a splash of color and style on the bar station is possible because the shelf liners are furnished with different vibrant colors and stylish patterns. To know more about the specific features and styles available for each bar mat and shelf liner, browse our catalog now!