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Bar Ingredient Prep Supplies

Bar Ingredient Prep Supplies

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Bar Ingredient Prep Supplies

Stock the bar station with all the proper supplies needed in preparing perfectly mixed drinks

The bar ingredients are the key component in crafting a balanced and aromatic drink. Complete the bar working station with the proper preparation supplies to ensure professional handling of every ingredient! We have a large selection of ingredient prep supplies that mostly contains bar equipment and accessories. All of these bar supplies feature a durable and sanitary unit that solely comes from the high-quality materials used for their construction. The materials are expertly processed to form in a broad range of space-saving sizes. Colors are often added to prevent cross-contamination and quick identification of contents. It’s a plus that colors also make the bar equipment and accessories attractive. Use any of these bar ingredient prep supplies and be assured the bartender can efficiently create even the most complex drink recipes.

A well-organized workstation leads to a more productive operation. Neatly organize the ingredients and garnishes using a lovely set of caddies. These bar condiment caddies can be made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel. Both feature an unbreakable unit that can strongly resist corrosion and scratches. Apart from their long-term durability, these materials are handpicked because they can also better withstand various temperature ranges. This makes them safe to use in the commercial dishwasher and/or freezer. Their body is formed in a square or rectangular shape that contains one to twelve compartments. It is fashioned either with a solid or translucent cover to well-preserved their fresh quality.

Ice is an important ingredient in beverage making. Not only it keeps the drinks cool, but also can impact the flavor of the drink. Mold the ice with the right shape, size, and density using our versatile silicone ice molds. Silicone is the preferred choice because it can better withstand the low temperature of the commercial freezer, it is easy to clean, and can strongly resist odor and staining. Not to mention, they can quickly release the ice without damaging its shape. All silicone ice mold bases are made sturdy to ensure a stable and fixed stand when place in the freezer. For a decorative touch, each compartment of the silicone ice mold is formed in different geometric and free form shapes. It may come with or without cover.

Treat the customers with freshly made fruit juices! Equip the bar station with commercial juicers and enjoy making luscious fruit drinks. There are more bar ingredient prep supplies available in our catalog. Check it now and find the best bar equipment and accessories that suit the operation’s needs!

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