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Bar Glass & Glass Washing & Sanitizing Chemical

Bar Glass & Glass Washing & Sanitizing Chemical

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Bar Glass Cleaners and Sanitizing Chemicals

Get highly effective dishwashing chemicals to provide thorough sanitation for bar glasses

Clean drinking glasses are crucial to the success of establishments that serves liquor, fruit juices, and other specialty beverages. Get the most effective sanitizing chemicals here at Culinary Depot! With safety and hygiene concerns becoming more pressing each day, foodservice establishments are now sanitizing their wares more carefully. We offer a wide array of bar glass cleaners and sanitizing chemicals that contains special formulas designed to eliminate food acids, stains, grease, and various potential contaminants. They range from gentle dishwashing liquid to fast-acting and aggressive cleaning chemicals such as glass bleach. All of these glass cleaners are appropriate to use for regular cleaning at a commercial kitchen sink. They can also be used on a commercial dishwashing machine, provided that the operators are familiar with the equipment’s specifications and know the safest way of introducing these chemicals in it.

These bar glass cleaners and detergents are suitable for all kinds of users. Their individual formulation is perfectly balanced to keep skin from drying, blistering, and itching. Even after long use and exposure, these products’ mild PH levels should keep hands from developing rashes and other unseemly conditions. Additionally, these substances contain biodegradable surfactants that will dissipate without leaving toxic residues or any environmental detriment. They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dishwashing detergents with excessively strong concentrations. Best of all, they can easily get rid of the most stubborn stains, but will never leave chemical streaks or etch marks on your pristine, crystal-clear glasswares.

Get the right type of bar glass cleaners and sanitizing chemicals and continue to make a great impression with the bar patrons and employees! Browse our catalog now for quality cleaning products that will leave your drinking glasses sparkling clean.