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Baking Cups and Cupcake Liners

Baking Cups and Cupcake Liners

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Baking Cups and Liners

Make a beautiful display of baked goods using embellished and colorful baking cups

Add baking liners and cups to the baking pans to prevent the food from drying out! The baking cups and liners are essentials for the baked goods. This acts as a protective shield to keep it sanitized. This is a good assurance for the customers that the baked goods remain untouched and germ-free when transferred from the oven to the display case. It also promotes convenience in cleaning and easy removal of the baked products. A few of the baking cups and liners we offer are made of dry wax, glassine, and foil.

The dry wax is a great material choice because it retains the moisture of the baked goodies. The glassine possessed a reliable resistance to air and water. While the foil baking cups are designed to prevent leaving unpleasant marks of greases or stains. If you are looking for a more durable option, the solid board baking cups are the best product to get! From the name itself, it is constructed from a high-quality solid board coated with an extruded polymer. With this construction, the baking cups possessed a strong resistance to moisture and grease. They can also withstand both low and high temperatures.

Adding a decorative touch is another advantage of the baking liners and cups. We carry a variety of colors and embellishments that are suitable for all occasions. To know more about all the styles and sizes available for our baking cups and other disposable bakery supplies, visit our catalog now!