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Bain Marie Heaters / Food Rethermalizers

Bain Marie Heaters / Food Rethermalizers

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Bain-Marie Heaters and Food Rethermalizers

Use our advanced food heating equipment to save energy and time in thawing frozen dishes

Add the right type of Bain-Marie heaters and food rethermalizers to the operation and enjoy efficient heating of dishes while improving food safety! We have an extensive selection of these commercial food heating and cooking equipment that is engineered with a broad range of voltage and wattage ratings. Plug them on their dedicated power receptacle and be assured they will operate seamlessly. One of their great advantages is its simple operation. Each Bain-Marie heater and food rethermalizer can be designed with a manual or digital control system. This will allow the operator to set the precise water temperature required for every dish. Thanks to the powerful heating element, this cooking equipment can produce consistent and even heating. Therefore, they can re-heat or thaw frozen pre-cooked dishes without the potential of overcooking them.

Most of these commercial food heating and cooking equipment are available in separate units. But in this collection, we offer one heavy-duty unit expertly designed to support the needs of the food rethermalizer and Bain-Marie. It features all-metal construction for long-term durability and sanitation. Stainless steel is the standard material choice for the body and base due to its strong resistance to heat, impact, and corrosion. It's a plus that its sleek texture can easily conceal any unpleasant markings, making it simpler to maintain its professional and flawless appearance. Its construction is completed with a water chamber, compartment drain, sump, and low water cut-off system. The latter feature is added to reduce the potential of burnout. The exact features included may still change depending on the brand.

Space has always been a concern when adding new kitchen equipment. But this will never be a problem for the Bain-Marie heaters and food rethermalizers because most of the brands we supply can easily install under a sink or holding vessel. Gaskets and other plumbing fittings are included to assure proper installation. To know more about the incredible features and mounting styles available for our Bain-Marie heaters and food rethermalizers, browse our catalog now!