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Bag Clips

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Bag Clips

Maintain the quality of packaged food with a colorful set of sturdy bag clips

The food bag clips are simple and easy to use culinary smallware that promote the safety and sanitation of ingredients and leftovers. We offer a variety of food storage bag clips where each can be made of stainless steel and plastic. These finely crafted sealing clips make them a welcome addition to plain, monochromatic commercial kitchens or baking stations in need of some vibrancy. Aside from that, their attractive colors allow one to create a color-coded system to facilitate the easy identification of the package’s content with just one glance.

Stainless steel is widely used in the culinary industry due to its outstanding resistance to heat, corrosion, and other kinds of material defects. For this reason, the stainless-steel clips are the best option for operations aiming to lower costs associated with replacing kitchen accessories frequently. The plastic clips, on the other hand, are significantly lighter yet sturdy enough to guarantee long-lasting use. Other materials used are meticulously chosen by the brand.

Each food bag clip comes with a clamp that can be placed around any type of food storage bags. This will keep it perfectly airtight until its content is ready to be consumed or used for cooking. Best of all, the clamp is designed to effortlessly slide down on any kind of material to ensure that every morsel of food is pushed out. This translates into cost savings for budget-conscious kitchens by preventing product waste or spoilage. Furthermore, they require virtually no effort to clean and should stay perfectly food-safe for a long time.

Make it a breeze to store baked goods, snacks, and fresh food items! Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection.