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Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays

Get our premium-grade ashtray to efficiently collect all the cigarette ashes and leftovers

Equip the establishment with a reliable ashtray to properly dispose of used cigarettes! Clean premises always attract more customers. Maintain it that way by adding the proper waste disposal units required for each establishment’s area. For smoking areas, ashtrays are the best receptacle to add. Ashtrays collect all the cigarette waste and act as fire protection at the same time. They can efficiently deliver it because they are designed to safely put off the cigarette lit before disposing of it in the trash can.

We carry a wide range of ashtrays that are constructed using different high-quality materials. Each material used is professionally handpicked to guarantee its reliability to fulfill its intended purpose. But rest assured that all materials boast durability and functionality. They also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to ensure it will complement perfectly on the establishment style. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor ashtray, we have the best brand and model to offer. View our catalog now to know more about the commercial ashtrays we supply.