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All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

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All-Purpose Cleaners

Clean and disinfect every room using a gentle multi-purpose cleaner

Make every cleaning task simpler and more efficient by getting the proper cleaning products! Cleaning wouldn't be effective without a dependable cleaning product. This is the reason we offer only the best commercial cleaners that are expertly formulated to soften and remove specific types of dirt. Leaving an aromatic odor after cleaning is possible too because all our cleaning products feature a variety of fragrances. They are also available unscented. For removing general types of messes, we offer all-purpose cleaners! We have a large selection of this commercial multi-purpose cleaner that demonstrates effectiveness in both soft and hard water supply. This is delivered by formulating each either with neutral washing agents or concentrated solutions of water softeners and surfactants. The specific ingredients are determined by the brand.

With the gentle nature of the all-purpose cleaners, they become ideal to apply on most types of surfaces. Though they are made for multi-purpose, this cleaning product still is made for a specific area to clean. For the area that accumulates organic dirt such as grease and oils, an all-purpose cleaner with a degreaser is the best type to use. While for bathroom and toilet surfaces, a multi-purpose cleaning detergent is an ideal type to use. All these are available in liquid, paste, powder, and spray form. The liquid is the easiest to apply because it can be used directly for a stronger application. But it can also be diluted in the water to lessen its concentrations. The paste form is usually made for removing scuff marks and greases on metal surfaces. They can also apply directly using a soft cloth. Once properly applied, it brings back the metal’s shine.

There are more types of all-purpose cleaner available in our catalog. Browse it now and learn all options!