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Air Freshener / Deodorizer and Dispensers

Air Freshener / Deodorizer and Dispensers

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Commercial Air Fresheners, Deodorizers, and Dispensers

Use a scented air freshener to eliminate the unpleasant odor lingering around the restroom

A long-lasting pleasant and distinctive fragrance is an effective way to keep the customers happy and comfortable. Provide this in the restroom using our commercially-approved air freshener and deodorizers! We have a wide range of commercial air fresheners and deodorizers that are formulated with a different scent. Each scent is expertly handpicked to promote a positive mood while eliminating the airborne pathogens. Apply any of these products and be assured the restroom will stay fresh smelling and healthy all day long! The air freshener we carry is available in three forms – aerosol, gel, and liquid. The aerosol form contains compressed air packed in a sealed tin container with a spray nozzle on top. When sprayed, it releases a fine mist of fragrance.

The gel air freshener is made of a high-quality fragrance or essential oil that is formed in a variety of solid shapes. They are packaged in a small plastic container with a foil cover for a tight seal. Open the cover and the air will immediately spread its fragrance. Compared to the aerosol, the gel air freshener lasts longer. The last form offered for the commercial air freshener is liquid. The liquid form is mostly formulated with organic ingredients to provide a natural fragrance. The purpose of the fragrance is not only to cover the unpleasant odors but to neutralize them. These are packaged in a heavy-duty plastic bottle with a trigger-style spray on top.

The commercial deodorizers we offer are also offered in liquid and aerosol form. But for added convenience, we also offer this product in powder form. This is a natural odor-absorbing powder that can completely remove the unpleasant smell upon application. It is easy to use! Just pour the powder on the affected area and it will work wonders! Since it is made with natural ingredients, they are proven non-toxic and environmentally safe. They are usually packed in a sturdy paper box with a spill-proof design.

All the commercial air fresheners and deodorizers are indeed effective and easy to use. The good news is, the convenience it can provide can further be improved by adding the best dispensing system. We offer a wide range of deodorizers and air freshener dispensers that are made of metal and high-density plastic. Both materials are virtually unbreakable and easy to maintain. Their housing looks the same – has a sleek exterior design and spacious interior.

A lock and key are usually added to secure the container inside. These air freshener dispensers are available in manual and automatic units. The automatic dispensers are battery-operated and include an additional pre-programmed spray interval. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection!