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Activity Table

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Activity Table for Kids

Fit-out the classroom with a fun activity table to engage the children to participate in imaginative and social play

Get the correct activity table for kids to help them maintain proper posture while enhancing their creativity and social skills! Children, as young as 12 months old, are important to be engaged in more creative and physical activities for them to properly grow. For early learning facilities and daycare, they can provide this by equipping their classroom with the right shape and height of activity tables. Find everything you need here at Culinary Depot as we carry a huge selection of classroom activity tables! The shapes provided for the tables’ top comes in broad ranges of geometric and free form shapes. This is often provided to the tables to make them more interesting and appealing. But for the activity tables, shapes also have an important impact on the children’s learning experience.

Rectangular is the basic shape formed for the activity tables’ top. Their versatility to use for both individual and large group work projects is the reason they are the popular furniture choice for early learning facilities and daycare. Other geometric shapes available are square and round. The square tables are easier to configure and move around. While the round tables make every play toy and supplies accessible for the children. They are also great to use for holding a close group discussion and socialization. If the teachers want each child to have a designated place on the table, our bean-shaped activity tables are the best ones to get!

Children grow quickly. For this reason, we carry classroom activity tables that are built with fixed and adjustable legs. The tables with a set of fixed legs are perfect for a specific age group. While the adjustable legs are suitable for growing children. The height available in our catalog ranges from 17 to 43 inches. But this may still change depending on the brand. Our activity table for kids is durably made of wood or plastic. The wood is often plastically laminated to make them more resistant to staining and scratches. They are also finished in different colors for a decorative touch. There are more features and designs available in our catalog. Browse it now and see our complete selection!