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Waring WSB55 14" Big Stix® Immersion Blender - 120 Volts

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Waring WSB55 Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

To clean your Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender, rinse first the interior and exterior of the stainless steel shaft. Scrub or flush it to remove foreign particles or residues. You may then wipe the shaft using a soft cloth or a sponge that is dampened with washing solution. Immerse of the shafts length in a container with your washing solution. Afterwards, run the blender for 2 minutes on High while still immersing it. Repeat the wiping and immersion but this time, replace the washing solution with clean rinse water. Air dry the unit prior to using.

Additional Info

The Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender is NSF and ETL-listed.

General Info

The Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender is a multi-purpose blender that will definitely last through intensive uses.

The Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender is a versatile equipment that can handle high-output demands with ease. You can use it for a multitude of different purposes ranging from casual to commercial and anything in between. A few of its capabilities include liquidizing, puring, mixing, emulsifying, and more. For its capacity, it can perform the aforementioned capabilities on up to 15 gallons at a time.
In the spirit of high efficiency and effectivity, the Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender packs a speed range of 5000 RPM to 18,000 RPM. This is courtesy of its 750-watt variable-speed motor. For seamless operations and increased productivity, the immersion blender also has a continuous ON button. Powering the unit are 1 HP, heavy-duty motor, 120 volt/50-60 Hz, and 6.25 AMPS.
Ease-of-use and functionality are also notable attributes of the Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender. To maintain safer and more controlled uses, it comes equipped with a rubberized comfort grip and a second handle. The stainless steel blade is multi-purpose to cater to your different needs and long-lasting. As for its 14-inch stainless steel shaft, it is completely sealed, removable, dishwasher-safe, and interchangeable with one universal motor housing.
The Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender has dimensions of 29 inches (Height) x 5 inches (Width) x 5.5 inches (Depth). For its weight, it has a shipping weight of 9.75 pounds. This blender features user-replaceable couplings on the shaft and powerpack.

Delivery Details

The Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender is not intended for outdoor installation.
	The unit comes equipped with very sharp blades. Please handle them with caution to prevent getting cut. 
	Prior to connecting the unit to a power source, ensure that the immersion blenders electrical specifications are met. 
	Inspect the unit for any damages before signing the delivery receipt.

Maintenance Guide

Please keep your Waring WSB55 14-Inch Immersion Blender for continuous optimal performance. When using your immersion blender, you must not submerge of the shaft length into the pot. You must also never operate it when the plug or cord is damaged. Clean it regularly for sanitary purposes and to ensure longer product life. Please note, however, that only the protective blade guard and shaft may be immersed in water. You must not immerse the other parts, particularly the powerpack. To prevent scalding when sanitizing the unit, keep the temperature of the washing solution below 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Waring WSB55 Specs

Weight10.56 LBS
Tags:Mixer, Hand Immersion
is free shipping:yes
NSF Certified:Yes
Horse Power:1 HP
Sale Price:505
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning