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Vulcan VC4ED Electric Single Deck Convection Oven - 208 Volts


Vulcan VC4ED Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Do the initial cleaning of the Vulcan VC4ED-11D1 Commercial Convection Oven by cleaning it using a clean damp cloth. Wipe the entire interior, including the racks. Once the dirt has been removed, close the doors and turn ON the master switch. Set the thermostat to 300°F (149°C) and let it run for 6 to 8 hours. Turn OFF the master switch. For the daily cleaning, clean the exterior by wiping the dirt off using a damp cloth. Be sure to follow the direction of the steel grain when wiping. Lastly, polish it to maintain the integrity of the steel. Use any commercial polisher that is compatible with stainless steel.

Additional Info

Before purchasing this equipment, check the dimension of the equipment and compare it with the doors (width and height) in your establishment. It’s advisable to check the doors starting from the access path up to the final location. This will determine if the equipment will perfectly fit into it.

General Info

Cook all your dishes to perfection using the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven! The Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven is the best choice for high-volume cooking as it boasts a 1/2 HP two-speed oven blower-motor. It works to provides better and balanced air distribution, ensuring that all the food will cook evenly at the same time. The heat came from the electric solid sheath elements that are rated at 12.5 KW (total). You can appreciate the efficiency of this oven when hardwired to a 208-volt/60-Hz/3-phase (35 amps) electrical supply. Apart from the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven’s efficiency to cooking, it can also support high-volume cooking because its single cavity is made of stainless steel with porcelain enamel. It has convenient dimensions of 29 inches (W) x 22-1⁄8 inches (D) x 20 inches (H) to easily fit five (5) nickel-plated oven racks (28-1⁄4 inches x 20-1⁄2 inches size) with eleven (11) rack positions. To prevent heat loss, non-sag insulation has been applied to the interior’s top, rear, sides, bottom, and doors. The single cavity of the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven is paired with two stainless steel doors with individual handles. These doors are purposely made for convenience. It is furnished with double pane windows for a clear view of the food products during operation. It is designed to be independently operated for easy loading/unloading of food. Two interior oven lights are installed in the cavity to enhance the visibility of the food products, particularly at night. More on to the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven’ single cavity interior, it is furnished with solid-state temperature control that can easily adjust the temperature from 150° to 500°F. This control includes a 60-minute timer function with an audible alarm to immediately notify the kitchen staff whenever the cooking cycle is done. Other great features are the moisture vent damper control and oven cool switch that works to quicken the cool-down process. The durability of the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven doesn’t only lie on its interior but on its entire unit. This is because Vulcan also uses durable stainless steel in constructing the exterior’s front, sides, top surfaces, and legs. It is measured with 40 inches of width, 42-1/4 inches of depth, and 54-3/4 inches of height with 440 pounds of weight.

Delivery Details

• Two or more persons should lift and move this equipment onto its final location. • Do not lift the equipment using its handles. • It requires a lift gate if a loading dock is not available. • Unpack the equipment and check for any signs of shipping damage. If no damages are found, sign the delivery receipt. • Check the electrical service of this equipment. It must agree with the electrical specifications written on the oven data plate. This data plate is located on the inside of the top front cover. • The equipment is hardwired. Only a certified service technician can complete the final connections.

Maintenance Guide

Proper usage, installation, and maintenance are key for the Vulcan VC4ED Commercial Convection Oven to last a long time. This isn’t difficult to achieve because every information needed is clearly stated in the owner’s manual (included in the equipment upon delivery). Also, observe all the safety warnings and guidelines required for this equipment such as turning it OFF. Allow its parts to cool down before starting any maintenance tasks.

Vulcan VC4ED Specs

Weight440.00 LBS
Tags:Convection Oven, Electric
Item Type:Standard
NSF Certified:Yes
Capacity per Compartment:5 pan capacit, per compartment
Control Type:Solid state controls
Deck Qty:1 Deck
Energy Efficiency:ENERGY STAR®
Exterior Finish:Stainless steel front, top & sides
Interior Finish:Porcelain interior
kW (per deck):11.0 - 15.99 kW
UL Certified:Yes
cULus Certified:Yes
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:4345
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning