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Vitamix 36019 3 HP 48 oz. (036019) The Quiet One Twist Lock Blender - 120 Volts

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Vitamix 036019 Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Make sure to sanitize the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender as frequently as possible to prevent corrosion and uphold the integrity of your products. Wipe all contact surfaces with a mild cleaner and warm water applied to a soft cloth or sponge. You may also ‘blend’ a mixture of water and mild dishwashing liquid at full speed for several seconds or until all food soils are gone. Pour out the cleaning solution, rinse with clean water, then dry afterward with a clean cloth. Abrasive cleaners should never be used as they run the risk of damaging the unit’s surfaces. For more detailed procedures, please refer to the Cleaning Instructions section of the user manual.

Additional Info

The Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender is recognized by C-UL-US, CE, and NSF. It complies with all the applicable RoHS standards.

General Info

Enjoy quick and peaceful blending with the state-of-the-art Vitamix 036019 Twist Lock Blender! Enjoy exceptional beverage blends and enhanced service speed with the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender! Engineered with absolute perfection in mind, this cutting-edge device guarantees that you create only the finest juices, smoothies, and frappes. Perfect for fast-paced restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars, expect quality service that does not compromise on convenience, safety, and sanitation! Known as the ‘Quiet One’, the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender is trusted by businesses around the world for its groundbreaking hush. With speeds that softly blend at the decibel level of a nearby conversation, accuracy is maintained and quality is served in your customers’ cups every single time. Furthermore, silent yet effective operations build an aura of professionalism – a quality that will encourage your customers to keep coming back for more. Apart from its innovative noise-canceling technology, the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender also boasts a sleek, sophisticated product design. It is powered by a three-peak output motor unit that contributes to quieter operation, air management, and improved downtime. Ingredients are quickly pulverized to generate multiple beverages and frozen drinks at a pace that will please your customers. Six (6) program buttons with 34 optimized settings are made available for easier, consistent blending across locations. The Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender’s sound enclosure is now easier to remove and clean. A larger centering pad has been provided to allow for hassle-free, one-step cleaning. It is also furnished with the manufacturer’s trademark Advance container for smoother pouring and space-efficient storage (thanks to its conveniently stackable design). The blade assembly is made of strong, durable material to help generate speed that will save time, effort, and energy costs. The model runs on 120 Volts/50-60 Hertz, and 15 Amps of power. It weighs approximately 23.1 pounds and has convenient dimensions of 18-inch (height) x 8.5-inch (width) x 10.7-inch (depth).

Delivery Details

• Ensure that all installation procedures for the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender are in accordance with national and local codes. • Verify the electric specifications of the unit before connecting it to a power source. • Install the unit on a stable and secure surface capable of supporting its weight. • Inspect the unit thoroughly for possible damages before signing the delivery receipt. • In case you find any damage upon delivery, make a note on the delivery receipt. Ensure that the delivery agent acknowledges the damage claim and signs next to your remarks.

Maintenance Guide

Before operating the Vitamix 036019-ABAB Twist Lock Blender, be sure to read the user manual. Do not use the unit outside of its intended purpose to prevent damages. Take note of the unit’s storage capacity to keep it from overflowing. Perform detailed and frequent inspections on the blending station to ensure that everything is in good working order. Compliance with the literature provided by the manufacturer is the best maintenance practice for this product.

Vitamix 036019-ABAB Specs

Weight23.10 LBS
Motor:Variable speed motor
NSF Certified:Yes
Nema Plug Type:NEMA 5-15P
Power Type:Electric
Usage:Bar Blending
Made in USA:Yes
cULus Certified:Yes
CE Certified:Yes
is free shipping:yes
Sale Price:1089
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning