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Turbo Air MST-72-N 72.63" W Three-Section Three Door M3 Series Sandwich/Salad Unit


Turbo Air MST-72-N Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table is easy to clean. You need to use non-abrasive tools and cleaners like a sponge, warm water, and non-chloride cleaning products. These are the materials required in cleaning the exterior and interior. For the interior, change the cleaning products into a food-grade cleaning product. This is to ensure the safety of the food contents stored in the refrigerated cabinets. Clean the interior by wiping it with a damp cloth. Rinse it thoroughly after. Using a new, dry cloth wipe the surfaces again to dry it. Allow it to air dry. For the exterior, ensure to use a soft water supply. Hard water can lead to long-term damage to the equipment. It best to soften it by implementing the proper water treatment or install the necessary filters. Using the damp cloth, wipe it on the surfaces to remove the dust and stains. Rinse the surfaces well. Wipe the surfaces again with a dry cloth to remove excess water. Allow it to air dry. For the condenser coil, it doesn need to be cleaned. It only needs to be blown out with Nitrogen at least once or twice a year. Once you completed the cleaning task and everything is completely dry, turn the equipment ON again and observe its operation. If there are no problem arises, you can load it with food contents.

Additional Info

Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table is ETL for Sanitation listed and C-ETL-US listed.

General Info

Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table keeps your workspace clean and organize while keeping your ingredients fresh and cool! Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table boasts a strong construction as it is built with a combination of stainless steel for the exterior and galvanized steel for the back and bottom. Thanks to these materials, it can guarantee to last for years! It has an overall dimension of 72-5/8 inches (L) x 30 inches (D) x 37 inches (H) and weighs 374 pounds. It operates on 115 volts, 60 Hz, and 1 phase electrical supply with 5.7 Amp for 1/3 HP. Its design is divided into two parts: the food prep table and the three-section refrigerated base. The Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table is designed with two hoods and 9-1/2 inches deep cutting board. This cutting board is applied with high-density Polyethylene that has a thickness of 1/2 inches. The cutting board is designed with a convenient side rail that can hold up to 18 pans. These pans have a standard 1/6 size with 4 inches deep. Each has a compatible insulated pan cover to keep the ingredients perfectly chilled. The reliable cold temperature comes from the forced-air system. This system works by allowing cold air to flow freely around the pans. This air flow will create an air shield around the pans to ensure it will maintain its operating temperature (at under 41. This will work even if the lids are open. For the refrigerated base of the Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table, it is constructed with three-section cabinets. The interior of these cabinets is designed with aluminum surfaces and stainless steel floor. It is completed by applying high-density polyurethane insulation to the interior structure and door. These cabinets have a combined capacity of 19 cu. feet and contains three adjustable shelves that are coated with polyethylene. The shelves are created to be spacious with a size of 21 inches by 17 inches (Left/Right section) and 23 inches by 17 inches (Middle section). To improve the visibility inside the three-section cabinets of the Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table, it has been installed with LED interior lighting on every corner. It also equipped with a fan control that automatically turns the fan OFF when the door is open. This is a big help to prevent the hot air to get inside the cabinet. For a positive seal, each of the refrigerated cabinets is paired with a matching swing door (3). Slide it easily when cleaning is possible, thanks to the swivel casters mounted underneath the refrigerated base. It has a diameter of 4 inches (each) and completed with locks on the front set. The temperature of the refrigerated base comes from the powerful refrigeration system rear-mounted, self-contained compressor, evaporator with anti-corrosion coating, and R-290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant. With these combinations, the refrigerated base can hold a temperature of 33to 39 Adjusting the temperature setting is easy because Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table is furnished with a digital temperature control and monitor system. It has an external digital display to easily see the current temperature set. For added convenience in cleaning, it is paired with a patented self-cleaning condenser that works by brushing the condenser automatically every day, preventing it to accumulate dust.

Delivery Details

Due to the equipment size and weight, it requires two or more people to handle and transport it. This equipment requires a loading dock. If unavailable, use a lift gate instead. To ensure the equipment will fit on the final location, check the dimension of the access path to the final location including the door width and height and compare it to the equipment dimension. Always inspect the equipment condition and completeness before placing your signature on the delivery receipt. Upon receiving the equipment, verify the equipment refrigerant type and electrical components to ensure you get the right equipment. Before connecting to the power supply, remove the packaging materials on the power plug and plug pins. This is not intended for outdoor use. Allot a dedicated outlet for this equipment. It is not recommended for the equipment to share with other appliances.

Maintenance Guide

Turbo Air MST-72-N Refrigerated Food Prep Table requires proper maintenance for it to last long. Cleaning is the standard maintenance that you can provide for this equipment. Ensure to use only a food-grade cleaning solution and non-abrasive tools in cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces. For the stainless steel, you need to polish it after cleaning it to maintain its good shape. Lastly, perform an intensive inspection at least once or twice a year. This inspection will cover the overall operation of the equipment. For the first two maintenance tasks, you can perform it yourself. But for the inspection, ensure to hire an authorized and licensed technician. Never do the inspection yourself because damage due to improper maintenance and servicing can void the warranty.

Turbo Air MST-72-N Specs

Weight374.00 LBS
Access Type:Doors
Exterior Finish:Stainless Steel Front, Top & Sides
Pan Capacity:17- 19 pan (Top)
Refrigeration:Self-Contained, Rear mounted
Width (Side-Side):70" - 84" wide
Tags:Refrigerated Counter, Sandwich / Salad Unit
Manufacturer:Turbo Air
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:3292.44
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning