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True TUC-67F Two-Section Solid Door Reach-In Deep Undercounter Freezer


True TUC-67F Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Unbolt the compressor carefully, then clean out the condenser coil and fan blades using a non-abrasive brush. Use a vacuum to clean the interior floor before bolting the components back in place. Turn the unit back on to see if the condenser has not been damaged in the cleaning process. To sanitize the stainless steel surfaces, wipe them gently using a non-chloride cleaner applied on a soft, clean cloth. Follow the direction of the grain to avoid leaving scratches or chemical streaks. Kindly refer to the Care and Cleaning section of the manual for the complete and detailed cleaning instructions.

Additional Info

The True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer is c-ETL-us, UL-EPH, and Energy Star certified for its compliance will all the applicable safety and sanitation requirements.

General Info

The True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer is a uniquely crafted food storage system bolstered by state-of-the-art refrigeration components.

Utilizing electronically commutated evaporator and fan motors, the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer operates at the highest peak efficiencies and moves better air volumes. ECM motors consume less energy and generate less heat, making them far more reliable than regular motor units. The freezer’s automatic defrost system is time-initiated, temperature-terminated, and provides the shortest defrost cycle in the industry. The condenser unit is strategically located behind the front grill and slides in and out of place for easier servicing and maintenance. 
Bolstered by a factory engineered, fully self-contained capillary tube system, the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer produces the most exceptional thermal characteristics. The capillary tubes make use of an environment-conscious R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant which has no ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a very low rating of three (3) for its global warming potential (GWP). In addition, the unit’s high-capacity, factory balanced refrigeration system pulls temperatures down to as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. 
In terms of cabinet construction, the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer features a highly durable stainless steel exterior with anodized aluminum ends. Galfan coated steel make up the back for outstanding resilience against corrosion and rust. The interior is comprised of a clear coated aluminum liner, a stainless steel floor, and coved corners that eliminate potential dirt traps. For effective insulation, the entire cabinet structure and doors are foamed-in-place with high-density polyurethane with zero ODP and GWP ratings. Underneath the freezer are 5-inch diameter stem casters with two (2) front-locking sets.
To provide an ergonomic shelving system, the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer has four (4) PVC coated wire shelves measuring 23-5/8” (length) x 28” (depth) each and adjust at ½” increments. Four (4) chrome-plated clips (per shelf) and pilasters provide robust support as the shelves accommodate a fairly hefty amount of weight. Another feature unique to the freezer is its epoxy-coated evaporator, which is virtually insusceptible to rust and other unseemly elements.
The True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer’s two (2) positive seal, self-closing solid doors are made of stainless steel (exterior) and clear aluminum liner (interior). Each door has 12” (length) recessed handles that are permanently attached to the doors through foamed-in-place sheet metal interlocks. To give the unit a secure, airtight seal, the gaskets come with heavy-duty magnets. These gaskets also help extend door life and can be attached even without the use of tools.
Factory prewired, the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer is ready for a final connection to 115 volts/60 hertz/1 phase, 15 amp dedicated outlet. It is supplied with a 7-inch standard power cord and NEMA 5-15P plug set for proper electrical connection. Though it only weighs a little less than 400 pounds (only 395 pounds), it has a massive frame spanning 67-1/4” (width) x 32-1/4” (depth) 29-3/4” (height).

Delivery Details

•	The True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer requires two or more people to lift and handle it.
•	In case a loading dock is not available, kindly use a lift gate instead.
•	Be sure to keep this freezer in a stable, upright position.
•	Check the entire package once it arrives as it may have been damaged during transport.
•	Unit installation must be performed or supervised by a True Manufacturing service partner to guarantee its compliance with local and national codes.
•	Do not connect the freezer to a power source with unknown power voltage characteristics. 
•	Failure to observe all relevant laws and manufacturer requirement could result to irreversible unit damage or even serious bodily harm.
•	Do not store nor use flammable, corrosive, or combustible substances near this equipment.
•	The True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer is specifically designed for commercial use.

Maintenance Guide

Protect the True TUC-67F Deep Undercounter Freezer from sudden system failure by cleaning out the condenser once a month. To know that the condenser is thoroughly clean, check if you can see clearly through it. Sharp tools and potentially corrosive chemicals should not be used for cleaning as these might permanently damage the unit’s finish. For your safety and the long life of this equipment, refer only to the Cleaning and Maintenance section of the manual for any concern. Intricate maintenance procedures and repairs must only be performed by authorized service technicians.

True TUC-67F Specs

Weight395.00 LBS
Compressor HP:1/2
Exterior Finish:Stainless Steel
Refrigeration:Self-Contained, Side Mounted
Tags:Freezer, Undercounter, Reach-In
Access Type:Doors
is free shipping:no
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning