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Town MF-3-SS 86" Gas Wok Range


Town MF-3-SS Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

The Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range should be cleaned at least once a day. After the shift, simply wash the wok range with dishwashing detergent on a soft cloth or sponge. For better results, also use a grease dissolver to prevent grease accumulation. Once done, rinse it with clean water and wipe it dry.

Additional Info

The Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range is NSF and cETLus listed.

General Info

Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range The Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range is personalized to your needs for a more efficient kitchen place. The Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range is personalized according to customer’s needs and is built to order. It is available with burners of varying styles and BTU inputs. It has three (3) chambers, which are fitted with cast iron chamber rings. They have sizes of 13, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. Additionally, it is lined with refractory bricks, which allow faster and more efficient cooking. It also provides protection against high temperatures. Each chamber features an individual main gas control valve as well. They are made of solid brass and are rated for high temperatures. They are also equipped with knee “L” lever gas handles. For a durable and long-lasting unit, the Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range showcases a stainless-steel deck with heavy gauge steel chassis. This includes the front panel, side and backsplashes, and legs with height adjustment bullets. It also has a 3-pipe wok rack with 1-inch diameter made of the same material. Meanwhile, the sides are epoxy-coated. To keep the wok range as clean as possible, it has a stainless-steel sink located on the rear gutter. For easy servicing, it is designed with front access. It also has three (3) Chinese-style automatic swing faucets mounted on the 25-inch high backsplash. They are pre-plumbed for ease of installation. Each chamber is supplied with a stainless-steel strainer basket and galvanized drip tray as well. The Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range is made with flue risers. For a safe operation, it uses clog resistant standing pilots. It also includes a safety control. Natural gas units are rated at 6 inches W.C., while propane units are rated at 10 inches W.C. It requires a 3-1/2-inch water connection with 1-1/2-inch NPT drain connection. On the other hand, it has a 3-1/8-inch gas connection with 1-1/4-inch NPT manifold and gas pressure regulator. The wok range has an overall height of 71 inches, width of 86 inches, and depth of 47 inches. It has a weight of 1,150 pounds.

Delivery Details

• Upon receiving your Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range, carefully inspect it for shipping damages. If any damages are found, immediately make a claim about it with the freight carrier and have the product marked as “damaged” on their copy of the freight bill. • Lift and transport the wok range with two or more people. Use of a lift gate is recommended if a loading dock is not available • For a safe operation, choose a location with adequate ventilation system and noncombustible floor. Also, provide a minimum of 6-inch clearances from the rear and sides of the wok range.

Maintenance Guide

Proper use and care should be followed to keep the Town Food MF-3-SS MasterRange Wok Range working at its best performance level. Also, do not do maintenance work on your own. Instead, contact your gas service company or trusted trained technician. Improper installation, adjustment, or repair work may cause property damage. In worst case scenarios, they may even lead to injury or death.

Town MF-3-SS Specs

Weight1,150.00 LBS
NSF Certified:Yes
Burner Section Qty:3
Controls:Knee "L" lever
Depth (front - back):47"
Exterior Finish:Painted
Tags:Range, Wok, Gas
Oven Type:Wok Range
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:15900
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning