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Town 42925 Pasta/Blanching Basket 5" Dia. x 7"H Fine Wire Mesh Coated Handle 18/8 Stainless Steel


Town 42925 Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Create a cleaning solution with warm water and dish detergent. Use this with a soft cloth or sponge and wipe the Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket until no residue can be seen. To remove stubborn baked-on food, create a paste from baking soda and warm water and use this as a cleaning agent.

Additional Info

The Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket is sold and packaged per piece.

General Info

Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket Prevent overcooked pasta with the Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket! The Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket is a stainless steel item made to last for extensive use. This commercial kitchen companion is designed to enable users to cook pasta efficiently and take it off heat just as quick. It weighs 1 pound, making it light even when full. The pasta insert basket has spacious dimensions of 5 inches wide, 13 inches high, and 8 inches deep. Featuring a fine wire mesh, the Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket is able to filter out water and only keep pasta within. This allows users to quickly lift it from boiling water, minimizing the risk of overcooking pasta. It is made easy to lift thanks to the coated handle. The aforementioned handle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing as it is coated for added durability and a finer finish.

Delivery Details

• Inspect the Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket you received for any damages before signing the delivery receipt. • Check the delivered package to ensure that you have correctly received the ordered item. • Verify whether you have been shipped the correct number of items.

Maintenance Guide

After each use, clean the Town 42925 Pasta Insert Basket to keep it sanitary. Only use non-corrosive cleaners and a soft cloth or sponge to clean the basket. Remember to wipe along the polish of the stainless steel to prevent scratching the pasta insert basket.

Town 42925 Specs

Weight1.00 LBS
Construction:Stainless Steel
Exterior Finish:Stainless steel
Tags:Pasta Insert Basket
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:24.31
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning