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Town 22806 Wonton Serving Spoon


Town 22806 Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Place the Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon under warm tap water or submerge it in a bowl of warm water until food residues become soft. Using a non-abrasive tool like a sponge, nylon-net scouring pad, or plastic/nylon brush, apply some antibacterial dishwashing soap (the use of harsh detergents is highly discouraged). Scrub the utensil until all traces of stains and soils are gone. Wipe it dry with a soft clean cloth before once again putting it to use or storing it in a clean kitchen cabinet.

Additional Info

The Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon is manufactured in New York, USA.

General Info

Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon
The Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon is an ergonomic, durable utensil designed for quick and efficient table service.

The Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon is a high quality, durable kitchen tool designed for universal application. It is perfect for restaurants striving for a homey environment driven by patrons sharing large meals with families and friends. It is also suitable for establishments looking to serve their customers quickly and efficiently. Whatever the setup of your business, this ergonomic serving spoon will help improve customer service and experience.
Crafted from high-grade, non-magnetic stainless steel, the Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon offers unmatched durability and resistance to scratches and dents. It also promotes ease of cleaning for kitchens looking to simplify their cleaning tasks. It has a conveniently wide, flat shape (bowl size at 2-1/4 inches x 3 inches) for fast and effective table service. With an ideal length of 8-1/4 inches, it weighs a mere 1-3/4 pounds and is packaged by the dozen (12 pieces per bag). It features a brightly polished finish for a uniform, professional appearance.

Delivery Details

•	Prior to signing the delivery receipt, kindly inspect the Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon for any damage.
•	Make sure to store the Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon in a cool, dry location free from detrimental factors.
•	Kindly sanitize the product before storing it or putting it to use.

Maintenance Guide

To retain the strength and luster of the Town Food 22806 Serving Spoon, make sure to maintain and sanitize it using tools and substances that are safe on stainless steel. If possible, check your tap water for high calcium content. High calcium concentrations in water can cause stubborn chalky stains to manifest on your stainless steel cookware and utensils. Never put this serving spoon inside an oven or a microwave.

Town 22806 Specs

Weight0.00 LBS
Exterior Finish:Stainless steel
Material:stainless steel
Tags:Spoon, Wonton
is free shipping:no
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning