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Town 22801 Chinese Soup Spoon


Town 22801 Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

To achieve optimal sanitation for the Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon, sanitize it daily or after each use. Put the soup spoon under warm running water and clean it using a good sponge lathered with antibacterial soap. Rinse the spoon thoroughly once it is completely free of food residues and stains. A dishwashing machine may also be used for the cleaning of this utensil. Once the soup spoon is clean, allow it to dry completely before putting it to use or storing it in a clean utensil rack.

Additional Info

The Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon is manufactured in New York, USA.

General Info

Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon
The Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon is a safe, durable utensil perfect for establishments looking to add cultural flair to their offerings.

The Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon is perfect for food establishments looking to add authentic Asian aesthetics to their customers’ dining experience. It is also perfect for restaurants serving soups, stews, or wontons as their specialty. With its charming look and straightforward design, dining is elevated from a simple, mundane meal to a delightful experience. Your Asian-themed cuisine simply isn’t complete without this small yet wonderful utensil.
The Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon is 5-5/8-inches long and can scoop 1 ounce of soup or liquid. It weighs a mere 1/2 pound and is distributed by the dozen (12 pieces per bag). Crafted from melamine, this soup spoon is perfectly safe, heat resistant, and virtually unbreakable. It is also evokes the beauty of Asia with its quaint white design. Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe, promoting fast and efficient cleaning for businesses and restaurants bustling with activity. Small yet sophisticated, this soup spoon is a welcome addition to any utensil collection.

Delivery Details

•	Inspect the Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon for any damage prior to signing the delivery receipt.
•	Make sure to store the Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon in a cool, dry location free from detrimental factors
•	Be careful not to place the soup spoon near containers for cleaning substances or toxic chemicals.

Maintenance Guide

The Town Food 22801 Soup Spoon must be stored at a clean and secure location. Do not put it inside a microwave or an oven. Keep it away from open flames in order to maintain its immaculate white appearance. To ensure its longevity, sanitize the soup spoon after each use with mild commercial soaps and clean water.

Town 22801 Specs

Weight0.50 LBS
Material:stainless steel
Tags:Spoon, Wonton
is free shipping:no
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning