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Somat SP50 Pulper Remote 5hp

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Somat SP50+BUILDUP Product Description

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The Somat SP-50 Pulper is one part of a Remote Pulping System. Pictured is a Hi-Tank pulper with optional water flushed tray and cover. This example also features a trough mount providing two feeds into one pulper. Below the tray feed is the slurry pump. The main benefits of a Somat Remote Pulping System are Reduction and Transportation. A remote system connects food prep and scrapping areas together through a series of piping and transports food service waste to a remote extractor. The extractor removes the solids (pulp) and recirculates the water back to the grinding tanks. The pulping process provides an 8 to 1 volume reduction (up to 85%.) The pulp is fed into a Somat Dehydrator for additional reduction or directly into a dumpster. A remote pulping system can eliminate the need for trash cans, liners, and laborers to “take out the trash”. 

CAPACITY 900 pounds per hour of foodservice waste mix, consisting of food scraps, plastics, milk cartons, paper, aluminum foil and cardboard.

Somat SP50+BUILDUP Specs

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