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Robot Coupe R101P 2.16 Benchtop/Countertop Combination Food Processor

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Robot Coupe R101P Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Clean this equipment regularly after every use or whenever a different food is prepared. This is to be done to prevent flavors of previous food contaminating the flavor of the following food. Only use cleaning materials and chemicals that are non-abrasive and non-corrosive. After cleaning the equipment, dry it with a clean cloth. Note that this equipment should never be cleaned while still plugged in. Be cautious when cleaning this equipment as it has sharp parts. Detailed cleaning instructions are explained in the manual.

Additional Info

The Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor is ETL electrical and sanitation listed.

General Info

The Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor combines two functions in one versatile equipment. Thanks to its small size, it saves space in even the most tightly packed kitchens while still able to perform as both bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine. Whether you have a spacious kitchen or a small one, the Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor may just be the new addition you need. This miniscule 11 inches wide, 8 11/16 inches deep, and 19 inches high equipment weighs a mere 20 pounds. With its dimensions and weight, it can be easily placed on just about any sturdy surface. It is eco-friendly and has 95% recyclability. A Nema 5-15p plug supplies this equipment’s required 120 volts-1 phase-60 hertz. The commonness of this plug will help you begin using it without the hassle of looking for adapters. The Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor uses that energy to run a ¾ horsepower motor. Its powerful motor manages to complete 1,725 revolutions per minute, delivering a range of cuts and slices to food. Built with a stainless steel motor shaft, it is unlikely to break easily and will survive the wear and tear of heavy use. Another part of this equipment made for longevity is the stainless steel, smooth blade assembly. This high resistance component comes with a removable cap, keeping fingers safe and food chopped. The Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor comes with a variety of discs that create your desired cut. With choices of 1/32 inch and 5/32 inch slicing discs, 5/64 and ¼ inch grating discs, and a ¼ inch julienne, this flexible equipment can cater to your cooking needs. Built in off and on options make operating the Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor safe and easy. You can quickly spot those buttons on the surface of the equipment, allowing for speedy turn off should an emergency arise. The Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor is equipped with a 1.9 liter cutting bowl made of composite material. Its cutter function’s smooth blade can churn out up to 1.75 pounds per batch. With it, you can serve large batches of food in less time than other food processors. Both bowl and blade can be removed for fast cleaning that lets it get back to work immediately. These features make this equipment a perfect fit in busy kitchens, keeping pace where other food processors may be unable to. This equipment is also capable of a vegetable function. Capable of up to 130 pounds slicer output, it lets you chop up vegetables for faster cooking or serve salads. With speed like that can make up to 15 meals per service, the Robot Coupe R101P Combination Food Processor is sure to make customers happy. Its vegetable preparation lid comes with two hoppers, each with different sizes to better suit your needs. The larger hopper has a surface area of 10 square inches while the cylindrical hopper is 2 1/8 inches in diameter. A vertical pusher creates even, uniform cuts on your vegetables to make dishes that please not just the stomach but also the eyes. Its discharge plate will make cleaning hassle-free for you by guiding food straight into the chute.

Delivery Details

• Inspect the equipment upon its arrival for any damage it may have received during shipping. • Sharp components are packaged with this equipment. Observe care when handling it and wear cut-proof gloves. • Prior to turning on the equipment, check first if your electrical supply matches the equipment specifications. • Ensure that the location chosen for placing the equipment can support its weight.

Maintenance Guide

This equipment requires periodic maintenance to keep it operating smoothly. Take special care of the blade and slicing discs in order to keep them at optimal sharpness. These may require replacement and, in that case, should be replaced only using correct replacement parts manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. For further maintenance details, refer to the manual.

Robot Coupe R101P Specs

Weight24.00 LBS
Bowl Capacity:1.9 liter capacity
Motor Horsepower:3/4 HP
Tags:Food Processor, Benchtop / Countertop
Manufacturer:Robot Coupe
is free shipping:yes
Sale Price:787
Filter Type:Combination Processors
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning