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Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Electric 10-Full Size Combi Oven

ICP 10-FULL E 480V 3 PH (LM100EE)

RATIONAL CE1ERRA.0000222 Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

The Rational B128106.43 Combi Oven features automated cleaning programs for its cooking chamber and steam generator. Daily cleaning in accordance with these programs is crucial to sanitary operations and preventing fire hazards. Since the oven is made out of stainless steel, do not use acid, chlorine bleach, or citrus-based chemicals when sanitizing the exterior. The use of abrasive pads and metallic tools could also lead to unseemly scratches throughout the oven’s body. As much as possible, use only manufacturer-approved products and implements, or begin by using the mildest anti-grease oven cleaner applied on a microfiber cloth or sponge. For in-depth information on how to operate the automated cleaning system, kindly refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Additional Info

The Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven is recognized by the following agencies: NSF, C-UL-US, UL, and Energy Star.

General Info

For a highly intelligent oven unit that places premium on accuracy, safety, and sanitation, look no further than the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven! The Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven is a cutting-edge appliance designed to cook, grill, bake, and roast all kinds of food. It uses steam and convection heating individually, one after the other, or combined. I has four intelligent cooking assistants: iDensity Control for climate management, iCookingSuite for smart cooking that saves time, raw materials, and energy while maintaining a standardized food quality, iProductionManager for a flexible, well-organized production process, and iCareCystem for a robust, all-encompassing cleaning and descaling system. With up to 1,200 cooking programs (can be broken down into 12 easy steps using drag-drop) and a secure cloud connection via ConnectedCooking or USB stick, this oven gives you everything you need and more for a world-class cooking experience. Boasting an unprecedented functionality, the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven measures, adjusts, and controls humidity levels down to the exact percentage. Dynamic air turbulence in the cooking cabinet is easily achieved, thanks to two (2) intuitive, reversible, high-performance fan wheels with five (5) speeds, intelligent actuation, and programmability. Monitoring is calibrated down to the last second and calculated on the basis of the Maillard reaction to reproduce quality cooking results every time. The oven also switches between iCookingSuite and iProductionManager to offer maximum flexibility. Aside from intelligent planning and controlling, the iProductionManager allows for the accommodation of mixed loads and optimizes schedules and energy consumption from start to finish. Using a high-performance steam generator, the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven exhibits powerful steaming even at low temperatures below 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Its integrated grease separation system does not require any maintenance or an additional grease filter. The core temperature probe comes with six (6) measuring points and an automatic error correction in the event of incorrect positioning. It also features a cool-down function, precise burst-steam injection with four (4) different water levels, an integrated hand shower with automatic retraction and switchable spray/jet function, energy-saving LED lighting with excellent color fidelity, and Delta-T cooking for extremely gentle preparation with minimal cooking losses. Absolute precision is guaranteed by a 12- or 24-hour time format, a real-time clock with automatic adjustment for daylight savings time, and a pre-selected starting time with variable time and date. Though aggressive in terms of innovation and productivity, the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven does not compromise when it comes to occupational and operating safety. It utilizes an electronic safety temperature limiter for the steam generator and convection heating, a brake for the integrated fan, and right- or left-handed opening and swing-shut function for the door handle. HACCP data storage and output are easily accessible via USB or the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking. Unsupervised operations are tested in accordance with the national and international safety standards. It also features Active Green Cleaning and Care tabs (solid cleaning agent) for ideal occupational safety levels. Furthermore, it automatically resumes and completes cooking processes following power outages lasting less than 15 minutes. For fast yet thorough sanitation, the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven makes use of an automatic, water pressure-independent cleaning and maintenance system for the cooking cabinet and steam generator. Nine cleaning programs for unsupervised/overnight cleaning and automated limescale deposit removal within the steaming generator are also featured. The Ultrafast cleaning feature lasts for only 12 minutes, promoting uninterrupted, perfectly hygienic productions every time. An automatic cleaning routine follows sudden power outages – ensuring that the cooking cabinet remains free of cleaning agents even after the cleaning process has been cancelled. The Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven is furnished with a high-resolution 10.1-inch TFT color display and touchscreen with self-explanatory icons and over 55 languages. Acoustic prompts and visual messages are also accessible when user action is required. It boasts a stainless-steel construction inside and out, a triple glass pane cabinet door with rear ventilation, and IPX5-class protection against spraying water. It requires power voltage characteristics of 480 Volts/60 Hertz/3-Phase and can be set to 86 to 266 °F (steaming) or 86 to 572 °F (convection or combination). Weighing 454 lbs. and measuring at 42-1/4” (width) x 39-7/8” (height) x 38-3/8” (depth), it has the capacity for ten (10) full-size sheet pans or twenty (20) steam table pans.

Delivery Details

• The Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven requires several persons to lift it. • If a loading dock is unavailable, kindly use a lift gate instead. • Inspect the unit thoroughly for any damage or missing component prior to signing the delivery form. • In case damage is observed upon delivery, write a note on a delivery form. Make sure that the delivery agent acknowledges and signs the damage claim. • Verify the dimensions of the access path to the final location to guarantee that the unit will fit through. • Only use the oven in stationary conditions as seismic applications pose fire hazards. • Install the unit on a stable and level surface capable of supporting its weight. • All installation procedures must comply with local and state codes. • Do not connect the Rational CE1ERRA.0000222 Combi Oven to a power source unless it has been verified to match the electrical specifications written on the specification sheet or installation guide.

Maintenance Guide

Operating the Rational B128106.43 Combi Oven constantly at maximum temperatures could cause the gasket to wear out easily. Preparing food with high fat content may also lead to the same effect. To avoid undue damage, do not leave food residues and conduct clean-ups as often as possible. To know to best maintenance practices for this equipment, please refer to the Operator’s Manual and all the literature provided by the manufacturer. It is also highly recommended that the oven be serviced by a Rational service partner at least once a year to keep it in excellent working condition.

RATIONAL ICP 10-FULL E 480V 3 PH (LM100EE) Specs

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