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Randell R1R-29-1 28.75" W One-Section Reach-In Refrigerator


Randell R1R-29-1 Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Perform monthly cleaning on the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator condenser coils to ensure proper air flow and heat transfer. Using a coil cleaner and a brush, clean the coils carefully by following the direction of its fins. Sanitize the fan blades, drain lines, and gaskets using non-abrasive tools and mild cleaning substances. Do not use harsh chemicals and sharp objects on the refrigerator aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. To know the complete cleaning procedures for this product, please make sure to read the manual/literature.

Additional Info

The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is ETL and cETLus certified.

General Info

Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator
The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is a sophisticated food preparation unit equipped with a highly effective refrigeration system.

The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is a right-hinged, single door refrigerator designed to provide optimal menu flexibility. Its refrigeration system is methodically calibrated to meet the highest energy standards. It is furnished with world-class components and controls to provide operators with a highly effective, superior performance. Commercial kitchens and culinary establishments are sure to benefit greatly from this sophisticated and ergonomically crafted model.
Utilizing a self-contained, single compressor refrigeration system, the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is perfectly balanced and is able to maintain temperatures between 33 degrees and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. A cutting-edge R-290 refrigerant regulates an interior-mounted evaporator coil, providing enhanced air circulation to the storage compartment. The top-mounted compressor design promotes easier access, allowing maintenance and condenser cleanings to be done thoroughly. This design also harbors less foreign particles than a bottom-mounted compressor. The condensate is evaporated by an innovative rear-mounted hot gas system (with protective coating on hot gas loops to promote durability). 
To facilitate efficient control over the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator, all the controls are digital and standard settings are managed by up and down arrows. The controllers have LED-lit oor openand an onindicators which are followed by three soft beeps when the door is left open for 30 seconds. Accurate temperatures are visible through a digital read-out panel. Still in the interest of comprehensive control, the defrost system is highly adaptive and fully automated.
Aside from its cutting-edge refrigeration and control systems, the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator boasts of a robust cabinet construction. The cabinet exterior front and sides are made from top-grade stainless steel, while the exterior body is crafted from galvanized steel. The interior sides are built with impermeable anodized aluminum; the interior floor is made from stainless steel as well. The cabinet is insulated through a foamed-in-place, high density polyurethane. Its three (3) adjustable, coated wire shelves are positioned at a rear vertical turn-up to ensure proper air flow within the cabinet.
The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator isn just equipped with a strong, dependable cabinet. Its right-hinged door features an ergonomic construction as well. The exterior is built with stainless steel while the interior is constructed from anodized aluminum (illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights through a door activated switch). The door self-closes through torsion-type concealed hinges, providing the exterior a clean, seamless look. It stays open at 90 degrees to allow users to easily load their items. The cabinet is fitted with a door pressure relief device that allows the door to easily open and close. It locks securely with an integral door clasp. 
The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator comes from the factory pre-wired with a 9-feet cord and a NEMA 5-15P plug. It is primed for plugging into a dedicated 115 Volts/60 Hertz/1 Phase, 15-amp outlet. It runs on 1/4 H.P. and has an amperage of 2.5 Amps. Its overall dimensions are 28.75 inches (length) x 32.75 inches (depth) x 83 inches (height) and its storage capacity measures at 21 cubic feet. Its weight 270 pounds and stands on field-installed, front two locking 5-inch casters.

Delivery Details

•	The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator requires several persons to lift it.
•	Kindly use a lift gate in case a loading dock is not available.
•	Inspect the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator for any damage or missing components before signing the delivery receipt.
•	Install the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator at a clean, unhindered location with sufficient clearances to make it accessible for maintenance and repair.
•	It is advised that the electrical connections be evaluated by a qualified personnel who will observe all applicable safety and national electrical codes.
•	The refrigerator must not be connected to a power source unless you are certain that it matches the electrical specifications found in the manual/literature.
•	The Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is not intended for outdoor installation.

Maintenance Guide

Ensure that the Randell R1R-29-1 Refrigerator is turned off and properly disconnected from the power source before performing any maintenance on it. If the power cord is damaged, contact the manufacturer, service agent, or any similar authorized personnel to facilitate its replacement. The same applies in case the plug becomes damaged. Inspect the temperature control system, compressor, and evaporator/condenser fans as often as possible. If any of the components show signs of malfunctioning, contact an authorized personnel right away. To know the complete maintenance procedures for this unit, kindly refer to the manual/literature provided by the manufacturer.

Randell R1R-29-1 Specs

Weight270.00 LBS
Compressor HP:1/3 HP HP
Door Style:Full hinged
Door Type:Solid
Exterior Finish:Stainless Steel
Filter Construction:Stainless Steel
Interior Finish:All stainless steel interior
Refrigeration:Self-contained, top mounted
Tags:Refrigerator, Reach-In
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:5590.50
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning