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Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door Type Dishwasher With Booster Heater


Hobart AM15VLT-4 Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Clean the Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher With a soft cloth or brush, clean water, and a mild cleanser. Start the process by cleaning the dish tables. Once done, lift the drain lever to drain the equipment. Using the soft cloth or brush and mild cleanser, clean its interior. Rinse it well. The strainer bucket and pan must be removed and emptied before washing them. Rinse them after. For the overflow tube, ensure to wash and rinse it well inside and out.

Additional Info

The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher is manufactured With large size. To determine if it fits in your establishment’s doors and pathways, check the equipment’s size and compare it to the width and height of your doors. This door-type commercial dishwasher is safe to use because it meets all the standards imposed by the NSF, UL U.S., and Energy Star agencies.

General Info

The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher features a tall chamber that can efficiently sanitize 40 racks of wares per hour! The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher can deliver impressive hot water sanitation because it is composed of cutting-edge components. It contains a stainless steel self-draining pump and impeller that are both known for their high efficiency. The spring counterbalanced chamber is paired With polyethylene guides. The self-locating one-piece scrap screen and basket system are furnished With a slanted design. Both arms of the wash arms and rinse arms, lower and upper, are built With the flexibility to revolve and interchange. To maximize the wash arms, an anti-clogging feature is added to its function. To complete the unit, it is constructed With stainless steel drawn tank, tank shelf, tall chamber, trim Panels, frame, and feet. With all those components combined, the body of the Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher has a dimension of 41.50 inches (L) x 35.50 inches (W) x 90.50 inches (H) and 494 pounds of weight. Its door opening is measured 27 inches. With this size, it can guarantee to fit 18-inch by 26-inch sheet pans or 60-quart mixing bowl. This commercial door-type dishwasher also comes With NSF pot and pan listed for 2-, 4- & 6- minute cycles and Sense-A-Temp™ 70°F rise electric booster heater. Connect this on 480 volts, 60 Hz, and 3-phase electrical outlet and it will guarantee to operate consistently Without failing. The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher is great to use because it is proven to be energy-efficient. It has energy recovery capability, uses .74 gallons of water per rack for the final rinse water, and NAFEM Data Protocol capable. Operating it is very straightforward, thanks to its solid-state, integrated controls With digital status indicators. This controller covers the following functionalities: door actuated start, vent fan control, external booster activation, service diagnostics for quick identification of a problem, and power. It also includes the cycle operation for the sanitation (hot water or chemical), timed wash cycles (1, 2, 4, or 6 minutes), and the delime cycle With notification (field activated). It also features automatic functions such as the fill and drains closure.

Delivery Details

• Upon receiving the equipment, unpack it carefully and check its condition. If it contains shipping damages, save the packaging material and contact the carrier. Don’t forget to leave a note on the copy of the freight’s bill and have the delivery person sign it. • Validate the electrical service of this equipment to ensure it agrees With the electrical specification stated on its data plate (located at the bottom of the front Panel). • Two or more people must carry and move this equipment. • A loading dock is required to use for this equipment. If it is unavailable, you can use a lift gate. • Before installing the equipment, make sure to observe the clearances required for the water supply, drain connection, electrical conduit, etc. • Only a licensed plumber can install the plumbing lines of this equipment.

Maintenance Guide

The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher will operate seamlessly for years With regular maintenance. The simplest way to maintain this equipment is to follow all the do’s and don’ts written on its owner’s manual. A few of these are the water hardness to use must be 3 grains or less, pre-scrap the dishes thoroughly, clean it regularly, and use only the recommended cleaning detergents and tools. It is helpful as well to install this dishwasher in accordance With the State and local codes. The Hobart AM15VLT-4 Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher can be installed straight-through or corner. Please observe the necessary clearances. The unit must always be leveled before making any connections.

Hobart AM15VLT-4 Specs

Weight494.00 LBS
Construction:Stainless steel
Design:Universal (Straight-Thru/Corner)
Energy Efficiency:ENERGY STAR®
Tank Heat:Electric
Temperature:High Temp With Booster
Tags:Dishwasher, Door Type, Ventless
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:21334.6
Filter Type:Single Rack
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning