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Groen (2)HY-5EF 5 Pan Electric Convection Steamer

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Groen (2)HY-5EF Product Description

LongDescription#@#NA#@@#Cleaning Instructions#@#Clean the exterior cabinet of the Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer using a cloth soaked in a warm solution of mild detergent. Be careful not to wet the controls, control panel, any electrical panel, or any open louver. For dirt and other foreign material stuck to the unit, you may use a plastic wool, a fiber brush, or similar cleaning material with a detergent solution to remove them. Meanwhile, the steamer cavity and steam generator may be cleaned separately. Regular deliming must be done depending on steamer usage and local water quality. To do this, simply follow the deliming instructions provided on the manufacturer’s manual.#@@#Additional Info#@#The Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer holds approval from the following: cUL, UL, and NSF. It is made in USA.#@@#General Info#@#Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer Waiting and cooking times are reduced with the fast and efficient Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer! The Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer is an electric-heated, pressure-less steamer. Double-stacked, it features two (2) compartments. It is capable of holding five (5) 12-inch x 20-inch x 2-1/2-inch pans per compartment. Alternatively, it can hold a total of twenty (20) 12-inch x 20-inch x 1-inch pans or six (6) 12-inch x 20-inch x 4-inch pans. Made for table top use, the unit has an overall width of 21-5/8 inches, depth of 30-1/8 inches, and height of 64-3/8 inches. This includes its 20-1/8 inches high stand. It also has a weight of 540 pounds. From the cabinet to the steamer cavity, it is entirely constructed with stainless steel. To fit with any kitchen layout, the Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer features a field-reversible door with a continuous hinge. It is designed with easy-open handle and latch to provide positive lock and seal when the door is pushed or slammed shut as well. To keep the door secured and air-insulated, it is also lined with a one-piece replaceable seal. Additionally, it a hidden magnetic door switch cuts power to the blower and generator whenever the door is opened. This allows a more energy-efficient operation. Moreover, the unit is provided with pan support racks polished with stainless steel. A condensate collection tray of the same material is also positioned under the cavity door. For easy access to internal components, it equipped with removable right and left-side panels. The Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer is designed with a rear-mounted atmospheric steam generator. It provides atmospheric steam with temperature of approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit. For a safe operation, it is equipped with an electric water sensor to measure the water level. Once the water reaches low level, the unit will automatically be shut down. Then, after the power switch is turned off, the unit will also automatically blow down the steam generator. Doing so, will reduce the sediment build-up. Additionally, it has a side-mounted blower, which measures the steam velocity and provides efficient steam. For user convenience, the steamer controls include an on-off power button and a 60-minute electro-mechanical timer with continuous steam setting. It also has a ready indicator light, which alerts users for when the cavity is ready for steaming. Under normal conditions, the heat up time should be ready in 10 minutes or less. It also has an AutoDelime button with an indicator light to warn operator of deliming. For easy cleaning, the control panel face plates of the Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer shall be made of smudge-resistant polyester film. Additionally, the cabinet exterior showcases a #3 uniform finish. Meanwhile, the cavity interiors present a polished stainless-steel. Each unit is configured for circuits with specifications of 208 volts, 60 hertz, 3-phase electrical supply. They also require an input of 15.5 kilowatts and 44 amps per usage each. It delivers a power input of 3.1 kilowatts per 2-1/2-inch deep steam pan per compartment. It is made for dual water connection.#@@#Delivery Details#@#• Upon receiving your Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer, carefully inspect it for shipping damages. If any damages are found, kindly make a claim about it with the freight carrier and have the product marked as “damaged” on their copy of the freight bill. • Lift and transport the unit with two or more persons. Use of a lift gate is recommended if a loading dock is not available. • To avoid drainage problems, place the unit over a level surface from front to back. • For proper operation, do not block the right or left-side vents. Also, provide at least 12 inches of distance between the unit and any heat source.#@@#deliverynotes#@#The Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer is usually shipped within # business days after receiving cleared payment.#@@#Maintenance Guide#@#The Groen (2)HY-5EF HyperSteam Convection Steamer is designed for minimum maintenance. Simply observe proper use and care to keep the unit at its optimum working condition. Regularly check the door gasket for leaks as well. For any repair work, kindly contact the manufacturer for authorized personnel.

Groen (2)HY-5EF Specs

Weight 540.00 LBS
Height: 64.38(H)
Width: 21.63(W)
Depth: 33.38(D)
SKU Number: (2)HY-5EF__1134
Tags: Steamer, Convection, Electric, Floor Model
Label Option type: rectangles
Net Price: 14922.07
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Product Taxonomy: CulinaryDepot>>Restaurant Equipment>>Cooking Equipments>>Steam Cooking Equipments>>Commercial Steamer
Keyfeatures5: Stand-mounted
Other Available Options: Electric
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Packed By: 1 each
Keyfeatures4: Stainless-steel construction
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MAP Price: 19090.5
Keyfeatures6: Dual water connection
Manufacturer: Groen
Keyfeatures: Double-stacked, two compartments
Product ID: fc983fb1-c95b-e011-bf97-001018721196
Keyfeatures3: Self-contained atmospheric steam generator
Keyfeatures2: Capacity of five (5) 12-inch x 20-inch x 2-1/2-inch pans per compartment
List Price: 34710
Taxonomy Weight: 540
Oven Type: Convection Steamer
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