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Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Natural Gas 30 lb Fryer - 70,000 BTU


Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Product Description

OCF30™ Fryer, gas, floor model, 30 lb. capacity, built-in filtration, oil-conserving, open-pot design, full frypot, SMART4U® 3000 controller, electronic ignition, includes: rack-type basket support, basket hanger, twin baskets, filter starter kit, stainless steel frypot, door & cabinet sides, adjustable casters, 70,000 BTU, CSA, NSF, ENERGY STAR®, Enerlogic®

Cleaning Instructions

Prepare a clean microfiber towel, a commercial-grade cleaning substance (or any mild detergent), warm water, and disposable gloves. Using these implements, wide down the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer Fryer’s interior cabinet. Make sure to sanitize every corner and crevice vigorously to remove any grease or dust buildup. To clean the exterior cabinet, wipe firmly along the polish lines to avoid scratching or streaking the stainless steel finish. Rinse the unit by wiping every surface with a wet cloth, then buff it dry using a clean rag. To know the complete cleaning procedures and the best cleaning substances to apply, please refer to the instructions laid out in the manual/literature.

Additional Info

The Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer is CSA, C-CSA-US, and NSF certified. It complies with all applicable Energy Star and Enerlogic standards. Its operation is backed globally by Manitowoc’s KitchenCare. Please specify the elevation when placing an order for this unit. A 1-1/2” kitchen main manifold gas supply line is required. The gas inlet size (I.D.) should be no smaller than that provided for connection to the fryers (please see service manual and/or plumbing codes for proper pipe sizing). The recommended minimum store manifold pressure is 6” W.C. for natural gas and 11” W.C. for L.P. gas. Check plumbing codes for proper supply line sizing to attain burner manifold pressure of 3.0” W.C. natural or 8.25” W.C. L.P. A minimum of 24” should be provided at the front of the unit for servicing and proper operation, and 6” between the sides and rear of the fryer to any combustible material.

General Info

The Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer is ergonomically designed to provide safe, sanitary, and highly efficient operations. The Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer is a highly productive cooking appliance with a compact, open-pot design to maintain a favorable ratio of fresh to used oil. Its full fry pot frying area spans 13 inches x 14 inches x 3-¾ inches. Built to provide maximum efficiency, it requires 40% less oil and 10% less energy to cook as much food as fry pot twice its size. At 265 pounds, it is able to accommodate 30 lbs. (15 liters) of oil. Bolstered by SMART4U Technology, the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer is equipped with a 3000 controller with operation management features that monitor and regulate food and oil quality, oil life, and equipment performance. It has 20 programmable cook buttons and the ability to adjust cook time according to the size of its load. Furthermore, the fryer is furnished with safety features for the maximization of proprietary benefits, such as an automatic high-limit reset, a drain safety switch, an audible alarm system if the second drain is opened, and a COOL Mode that reduces temperature and energy use during idle times. With its independent fry pot battery construction, the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer allows for easier maintenance, repair, or fry pot replacement while keeping operations uninterrupted. Its built-in filtration system with rear oil flush encourages more frequent filtering, preserves oil life, and ensures consistent, high quality results. The simple, proven, two-lever filtering process is facilitated by recessed handles tucked safely inside the cabinet to prevent unplanned filtration and dangerous extension into busy work areas. The unit also boasts of a center-mounted, RTD 1° action thermostat, and powerful infrared burners. The Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer is fitted with a ¾-inch gas connection and is configured for natural gas use. It has an impressive BTU rating of 70,000 BTU/hour input per full fry pot. Constructed of durable stainless steel (fry pot, door, and cabinet sides), it guarantees unmatched strength, damage resistance, and effortless cleaning. Its mobility is facilitated by heavy-duty, adjustable casters. It has overall dimensions of 21 inches (W) x 35 inches (D) x 47 inches (H), and electrical specifications of 120 Volts/60 Hertz/1-Phase (supplied with a 5-feet cord and standard plug).

Delivery Details

• The Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer requires several persons to lift it. • In the absence of a loading dock, kindly use a lift gate instead. • Inspect the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer thoroughly for damages or missing components before signing the delivery receipt. • The installation of the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer must be facilitated by FryMaster service partners/qualified technicians to guarantee compliance with all the applicable local and national safety codes. • The unit must not be connected to a power source unless it matches the electrical specifications found in the manual/literature. • Please refer to the Owner’s Manual/Installation Guide provided by the manufacturer to know the required clearances when installing the unit. • The service partner/technician must place the fryer at a location that promotes proper cleaning, maintenance, and repair. • This unit is not intended for outdoor or residential installation.

Maintenance Guide

Turn off and disconnect the Frymaster FPGL130C-NG Gas Fryer from the power source prior to any maintenance attempt. As often as possible, inspect its vital components for signs of wear or tear. Should you notice any damage, leak, or gaseous odor, immediately vacate the area where the fryer is installed and contact an authorized service technician. Never operate the filter system unless the unit has oil. Do not use the filter pan to transport old oil to the disposal area. For your safety and the long service life of this unit, kindly ensure strict compliance with the Owner’s Manual and all the literature provided by the manufacturer for all procedures and concerns.

Frymaster FPGL130C Specs

Weight265.00 LBS
Item Type:Restaurant
Basket Lifts:Without Basket Lifts
Controls:Computer Controls
Exterior Finish:Stainless Steel
Fat Capacity (approximate):30 lbs
Filter:Built-In Filter
Fry Pot:Stainless Steel Fry Pot
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:15565
NSF Certified:Yes
Filter Type:Gas Floor Fryers
Power Type:Natural Gas
Total BTU:70,000 BTU
Tags:Fryer, Gas, Floor Model, Full Pot
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning