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Dough Mixer

Dough Mixer

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Commercial Dough Mixers

Achieve the best consistency of doughs using a safe and easy-to-use dough mixer

Outfit the food establishments with top-quality dough mixing machines to satisfy the guests with deliciously baked pastries every day! Culinary Depot is the perfect place to shop as we offer a broad range of high-quality yet affordable commercial dough mixers. All the dough mixing machines we supply come in different sizes to assure there is a perfect unit to fit for small, medium, and large-sized kitchens. To guarantee to satisfy the needs of the operations, each dough mixer is also made available in a variety of capacities and usage applications (standard-duty and heavy-duty).

Getting the right dough mixers is important for food establishments. This ensures to cut down the food preparation time while increasing the quantities it produced. Depending on the daily volume processed, our dough mixing machines feature different mixing speeds. The single-speed mixer is the ideal choice for processing hard and soft dough recipes. With their sophisticated mixing ability, they can process the dough in a shorter time.

For a more flexible operation, the dough mixer with a two-speed feature is the smarter addition. The slower speed is designed to mix the dough and ingredients evenly with less mess created. While the faster speed is dedicated to controlling the kneading process and oxidation. With this feature, food establishments can consistently produce high-quality dough and serve the guests more quickly.

All the dough mixers we offer are constructed of high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Often called spiral mixers, they are constructed with a spiral-shaped agitator and a mixing bowl. The bowl can rotate in both directions to achieve the best dough consistency and ensure all ingredients are well-stirred. Get to know more about our offerings by checking through our catalog now! Our catalog also carries parts and accessories to keep the dough mixers in top shape.