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Cres Cor H-339-128C Insulated Solid Cabinet - 120 Volts

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Cres Cor H-339-128C Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

For the initial cleaning, wipe the Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet’s interior with a cloth damp in detergent and hot water. Rinse it thoroughly. For the succeeding cleaning task, the hot cabinet must be cleaned (inside and out) using a mild detergent and hot water. Moisten the cloth with the cleaning solution and wipe it on the surfaces until all dirt is removed. Rinse it with hot water and wipe it dry. If the Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet has water spots, wipe a damp cloth with a mild abrasive cleaner to remove it. Do not let the cleaner stay on it for long, rinse it thoroughly, and wipe dry.

Additional Info

The Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet is CSA-US and CSA to NSF4 listed.

General Info

The Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet features a powerful 900-watt heating system that guarantees to hold all prepared food products at a safe serving temperature! Powerful and efficient, the heating system of the Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet can constantly produce heat up to 200˚F. This is the right temperature to safely hold all prepared foods until they get served. The hot cabinet can maintain the heat inside for hours because it is fully insulated using fiberglass. This is an excellent insulation material that has a thermal conductivity of 0.23 at 75˚F. This makes it ideal to use for both in-house applications and transport. Aside from the insulation, the interior is constructed with a dimension of 13-3/16 inches (W) x 21-1/4 inches (D) x 24-7/8 inches (H) using 0.063 aluminum. It is built with an internal frame in the body to maintain structural rigidity. It is furnished with pan stops on the back to allow proper airflow. The Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet’s interior body contains the wire pan supports to conveniently hold eight 12-inch x 20-inch pans. The wire pan supports are removable for easy cleaning. It also contains 0.104 x 5/8 flat wire racks that are made of nickel chrome-plated steel. Both components are spaced on 2-3/4 inches centers. The internal frame of the Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet’s body is extended to the field-reversible door. This door is attached to the unit’s body via right hand hinging. It has a magnetic latch with a composite handle for easy open access. Both the hinges and latch are made of chrome-plated zinc and mounted securely inboard. To match the efficiency and durability of the body’s interior, this door is also formed using 0.063 aluminum, fully insulated, and equipped with pan stops on the interior side. An adjustable vent is installed on the door to further improved the airflow. The overall body of the Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet is constructed of a Hi-Tensile aluminum. This is a non-corrosive material that boasts impeccable strength and ease of mobility. It is composed of a 0.190 aluminum one-piece extended base, four lift handles mounted on the sides (2 per side), and heavy-duty 5-inch swivel casters. Two of the casters are designed with brakes for a fixed stand when immobile. All these are fitted strategically on its half-size unit, 18-7/8 inches (W) x 27-1/4 inches (D) x 36-11/16 inches (H), with a weight of 112 pounds. This runs on when connected to 120 volts, 60 Hz, single phase with 7.5 amps power outlet. When connected, manage its settings using its control panel. This control panel is safely positioned at the electrical component alongside with the thermostat, heater, thermometer, and power cord.

Delivery Details

• Two or more persons are required to handle this equipment. • This equipment requires a lift gate if a loading dock is not available. • Inspect the equipment you received for any damages before signing the delivery receipt. • Make sure to verify the electrical specification of this equipment before connecting it to a power source. • Ensure to install and place this equipment on the location that meets the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Maintenance Guide

The Cres Cor H-339-128C Hot Cabinet requires initial and regular cleaning. But before cleaning, make sure to disconnect the power cord from the cabinet and put it in a safe place. Next, read the operating manual to know the tools and cleaning agents to use. Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to use a specific cleaner. Even the cleaning agent is recommended, it’s still best to make a test spot. In cleaning, ensure the water won’t drip or splashes on the controls or its electrical components. To save time in cleaning, always wipe any spills upon noticing. This will prevent heavy dirt build-up.

Cres Cor H-339-128C Specs

Weight125.00 LBS
Door Style:Full Door
Door Style2:Full Door(s)
Door Type:Solid
Exterior Finish:All Aluminum
Full Size Hotel Pan Capacity:(8) 12" x 20" Pans
Heater:Top Mounted
Height (H):31 Inches - 36 Inches
Slide Centers:Removable on 2-3/4"
Tags:Heated Cabinet, Mobile
Manufacturer:Cres Cor
is free shipping:yes
Sale Price:2349.47
Filter Type:Holding Cabinets
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning