Champion UH130B High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher with a 25 Rack Per Hour Capacity

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4 easy payments of $1,006.42 0% interest no credit check!
4 easy payments of $1,006.42 0% interest no credit check!

Product Specifications

Weight 215.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 33.75(h) x 24.00(w) x 25.00(d)
Capacity 25 racks per hour, 141 seconds cycle time (140°F incoming water)
Electric Booster 6kW (electric booster required for 70°F/39°C rise)
Temperatures 150°F/66°C for wash and 180°F/82°C for rinse
Consumption 38/31.7 U.S. Gal./Imperial Gal. (Max. use) per hr. or 1.8/1.5 U.S. Gal./Imperial Gal. per rack
Speed Booster 9kW (electric high speed booster for 100°F rise)
Time Cycle 90 sec for wash, 26 sec for rinse, 25 sec for drain/fill, 141 sec for total cycle
Rack Complement one dish and one open (standard 20” x 20” rack complement)
Motor Power 1 Hp
Tank Heat 2kW


This Champion high temp undercounter dishwasher is capable of cleaning 25 racks per hour. Constructed with durable stainless steel, this commercial dishwasher prevents damage to glasses and dishes with its StemSure soft-start feature.


Perfect for smaller commercial kitchens and short enough to fit under most counters, this unit washes items in a 141 second cycle by using Shear Energy technology. Shear energy enables machines to use less electricity and decreases operating costs for owners.


The dishwasher’s Wash Refresh feature automatically drains water after a cycle, ensuring dirty items are sanitized with new wash water.


Quiet double wall construction minimizes machine-generated noise, and a built-in electric booster enables final rinse water to reach an optimal cleaning temperature of 180° F.The unit’s rinse sentry feature will prolong cycles to ensure that temperature is reached.

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Free shipping
4 easy payments of $1,006.42 0% interest no credit check!

Product Highlights

  • Shear Energy feature helps in reducing energy requirements while maximizing performance
  • StemSure facilitates soft start to protect glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking
  • Wash Refresh feature automatically drains the water for the next cycle
  • Rinse Sentry feature extends the cycle time to ensure 180°F final rinse
  • Stainless steel top and side panels, soft start, pumped drain, door safety switch, low-water tank heat protection, detergent and rinse aid pumps, quiet double-wall construction
  • 15.75” door opening to accept larger wares, including trays
  • 141-second cycle with prime switch-on control panel
  • Automatic tank fill and advanced digital temperature monitoring
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