Champion CH44 E-Series Dishwasher

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Discontinued by Manufacturer


Discontinued by Manufacturer

Product Specifications

Weight 600.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 89.00(h) x 60.00(w) x 25.00(d)
Rack Capacity approximately (200) racks/hour
Tank design (1) tank without pre-wash
Temperature high temp without booster
Construction Stainless Steel


E-Series Dishwasher, rack conveyor type, high temperature, 44" single tank, 219 racks/hour, automatic tank fill, stainless steel base and legs, door safety switch, door activated drain closure, extended stainless steel vent cowl, stack, dampers & extra curtain (set), vent fan control, stainless steel front and end enclosure panels, standard vertical clearance accommodates 18" x 26" sheet pans, energy sentinel (idle pump shut off), rinse saver device, splash proof top mounted controls, 2 HP wash pump motor, NSF, UL