{"config":[],"description":"<p><b>Brass Compression Fittings</b></p>\n\n<p>Use our reliable compression fittings to maintain the gas line connection leak-free</p>\n\n<p>Properly install our high-performing and dependable brass compression fittings and enjoy a long-term continuous safe and strong performance! \n\nThe compression fitting may be small in size but it is one of the most essential sealing components for gas-operated appliances and supply lines. It eliminates the traditional method of soldering which can pose physical and health hazards. The compression fitting is made to provide a much efficient, quicker, and injury-free sealing method. We carry a wide range of these gas connectors where each is built with different sizes. Brass is a popular material choice due to its exceptional durability and versatility. Since this material is malleable, it becomes easier for them to be molded into different forms. This is a true advantage because their forms and sizes determine the areas they can be installed in. Wide or tight spots, rest assured that we have the right type of brass compressor fitting to deliver!</p>\n\n<p>Another advantage of the brass is its heat resistance. Gas appliances are engineered to produce high temperatures. The brass compression fittings can withstand it without fail because it has a higher tolerance of high temperature compared to its counterparts. This material is expertly processed to form its threaded body, a nut, and a ferrule. Thanks to the physical strength provided by brass, the compression fitting’s threaded body are assured to withstand the pressure, temperature, vibration, and other harsh conditions caused by the daily intense use and the work environment. The compression nuts are built to securely position the ferrule into the threaded body and tightened them. A few of the brands we carry include either a compression ring or screw instead of the nut. While the ferrule works by creating a leak-free seal on the spaces between the tubing, nut, and receiving fitting.</p>\n\n<p>The brass compression fitting may come with one or two ferrules. These may feature a plain or beveled design with a round shape. The exact features are always determined by the brand. Get the right type of compression fittings quick and stress-free by viewing our catalog now!</p>","detail_messages":[],"faceted_search_enabled":true,"facets":[{"display":"multi","facet":"Manufacturer","has_more_results":false,"is_product_option":true,"items":[],"items_count":10,"partial":"multi","selected":false,"show_more_toggle":false,"show_product_counts":true,"sort_order":"alphabetically","start_collapsed":false,"title":"Manufacturer","total_items":0,"type":"term","visible":true}],"id":4340,"image":null,"meta":[],"name":"Brass Compression Fittings","products":[],"search_error":false,"selected":{"items":[],"remove_all_url":""},"show_compare":1,"state":[],"subcategories":[],"total_products":0,"url":"https://www.culinarydepotinc.com/brass-compression-fittings/"}
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Brass Compression Fittings