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    Store & Offices: 4PM Fri, Dec 14 to 5PM Sat, Dec 15

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    We are closed in the observance of the Sabbath, feel free to browse our site and add any items to your cart or wishlist and check out Saturday night when we reopen at 4:47pm EST

    Please feel free to browse through our website, and to add items to your cart or wishlist

    Closed Days in December


    Metro has been a leading manufacturer of storage and transport products in the food service and healthcare industries for over 80 years. Committed to providing quality products and services, the company offers Metro shelving, Metro carts, and Metro racks.

    Always looking to expand product offerings and improve service levels, Metro is dedicated to pursuing environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes. The company continuously strives to innovate and has developed automated medication dispensing equipment. 

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