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Bakers Pride Y-600-LP Liquid Propane Single Deck Pizza Oven - 120,000 BTU

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Bakers Pride Y-600-LP Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Before proceeding to the cleaning process, make sure that the Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven is turned off and has already cooled down. Avoid using water or cleaning solution near the pizza stone, as it can absorb it and then crack when heated up. Use a pizza oven brush/scraper tool to loosen the ash and food debris on the inside of the oven. After you’ve finished picking up the debris, use an oven-cleaning broom or hand brush to gather it all up and throw it away. For more detailed cleaning instructions, please refer to the Owner’s Manual provided by the manufacturer.

Additional Info

The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven is NSF Standard Listed. It also acquires certifications from CSA Star, CS Flame, and CE Sanitation Standards.

General Info

Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven

The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven features a Lightstone fibrament deck on its single oven chamber for more efficient cooking operations.

The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven is a piece of professional cooking equipment demonstrating outstanding serviceability. This model is powered by Liquid Propane Gas and a total BTU rating of 120,000 BTUH. It maintains a standard temperature range of 300°F to 650°F. To operate properly, this unit includes a left-side or rear 3/4-inch NPT rear gas connector.

For its superior, user-friendly features, this equipment is engineered with combination gas controls. It comes with a gas control valve, pressure regulator, and pilot safety, allowing proper ignition. Thus, this unit guarantees to produce delectable food at all times. The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven is equipped with heat dampers that are located at the top and bottom of the unit. For maximum convenience, these heat dampers can be controlled independently. Furthermore, this oven is designed with heavy-duty slide-out flame diverters to distribute heat evenly.

When it comes to its construction, the Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven boasts exceptional longevity and versatility, thanks to its high-quality stainless steel exterior and premium aluminized steel interior. The entire equipment is fully-insulated from its interior all the way to its heavy-duty doors. These doors are securely supported by springs for easy opening and closing. Additionally, this model is equipped with stainless steel legs for a strong and steady built.

The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven is designed with a single deck area. This deck is 8 inches in height. Moreover, these decks are furnished with 2-inch thick Lightstone FibraMent brick lines for added durability. This equipment has a unit dimension of 78 inches (W) x 55.12 inches (D) x 43 inches (H) with a total weight of 1,338 pounds. It is capable of delivering a 35.15 kilowatt of continuous power.

Delivery Details

•	Two or more people are required to handle the Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven.
•	A lift gate is required for this equipment if a loading dock is not available.
•	Carefully inspect the oven for any sign of damage before signing the delivery receipt.
•	Verify the type of gas supply included in this equipment. Do not proceed with the installation, if the gas supply is not for Liquid Propane Gas.
•	Keep this equipment away from combustible substances or objects. 
•	Obey all the relevant laws and codes when installing or operating this unit.
•	Maintain the installation clearances required for this equipment.

Maintenance Guide

The Bakers Pride Y-600-P Pizza Oven requires a professional technician to perform annual inspection and maintenance. For daily cleaning and maintenance, make sure to keep the compartments free of accumulated food. Come up with a deck cleaning routine that can be done daily. Technicians must inspect all parts and accessories to determine if there are necessary repairs and replacements that should be done. For proper maintenance guidelines and cleaning materials, refer to the Owner’s Manual provided by the manufacturer.

Bakers Pride Y-600 Specs

Weight0.00 LBS
NSF Certified:Yes
BTU:120,000 BTU
Deck Construction:Ceramic
Deck depth (front-back):36"
Deck width (side-side):60" - 72"
Exterior Finish:All stainless steel exterior
Height (per deck):7-1/2"
Number of Decks:1
Tags:Pizza Bake Oven, Deck-Type, Gas
Manufacturer:Bakers Pride
CE Certified:Yes
is free shipping:yes
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning